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So the Red Line comes back and the signals go whack

At 7:49 a.m., the MBTA reported that the Red Line, after part of it took a refreshing week off, had delays because of signal issues near Broadway. Fortunately, they didn't last long - the T updated at 8:01 that the signals were once again working. But the MBTA slow zone map still shows slow zones between Park and JFK/UMass.

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Just like the Blue Line last week.

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I took the Red Line from Fields Corner to DTX and back today. I didn't experience any slow zones inbound, only the normal slowdown locations, like the big left turn into South Station.
On the way back, maybe a couple of slow zones, but not like 5-10 mph zones, but maybe 20 mph.
The round trip was faster than I have experienced in a long time.
So far Eng is taking care of business.

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