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Some in Brookline think it's time for New England's largest town to become a middling-sized city

Brookline.News reports on efforts by a group to get enough signatures for a ballot question on converting the town into a city.

Brookline, with a population of about 62,000, assumed the mantle of the region's largest town in 2018, when, after a similar vote, the town of Framingham, with a population of about 71,000, became the city of Framingham.

Although the basics of Brookline town governance are similar to those of even the smallest Berkshire hamlet - Town Meeting acts as a legislature and the selectboard as its executive branch - Brookline and other large towns long ago gave up open town meeting, in which any resident could attend and vote, for a representative town meeting, in which a set number of town meeting members are elected by each of the town's voting precincts.



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Framingham looks much the same today as it did when it was a mere town. Have taxes there gone down? Have services improved? Are there fewer potholes than there used to be?

Otherwise, why not just leave things as they are?


Perhaps the change is to remind certain residents that they live in a city and not a small rural hamlet.


You find answers. For arguments in favor, check out https://www.brooklinecitycharter.com/, which is linked in the Brookline News article.

Framingham "looks the same"? Changing to a city government means a Manhattan skyline should pop up? I don't get it, although downtown Framingham certainly looks the more urban than it did earlier in my lifetime.


...based on a recent experience...

Town meeting. Not for the faint of heart.