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Sometimes an inch matters, especially on Storrow Drive

Truck with its roof sheared off

Roving UHub photographer Jake Kassen reports that, after years of seeing the aftermath of storrowings, he watched his first roof actually get sheared off, around 9:10 a.m. inbound, by the Silber footbridge.

Enough damage to make the refrigerated truck no longer refrigerated but fairly low ranking on the Storrowing scale. Was only about 1" too tall, as the driver learned.

The judges, however, do award an extra point for the way the driver artfully left truck insulation all over the road behind him.

Kassen adds: "It made a sound like someone tossing metal into a dumpster. Not as loud as one would expect."

Freshly storrowed truck


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That first photo looks like a piece of the bridge fell through that truck. Great shots @Jake Kassen!