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Statewide 911 system goes down

Update: Haverhill Police report 911 is back up.

Reports are coming in from police and fire departments across the state that the 911 system that connects you to your local first responders isn't working, so if you're having an emergency and 911 doesn't work, you'll have to look up your city's or town's direct numbers.

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I found this here: https://www.mass.gov/orgs/state-911-department

If you are calling from OUT OF STATE to report an emergency in Massachusetts, CALL 508-872-2508

I would think it would work if 911 is down so long as you know the location.

Here's an incomplete directory by town: https://www.associatedalarms.com/tips-links/directory-of-police-and-fire...

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Thank you!

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For Boston it is 617-343-4911

For an easy way to remember it: 617 3434 911

If the 311 line goes down it is 617-635-4500

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Hackers are going to hack. They are starting to hack things that real effect us.

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I can't actually view the Twitter and Facebook links. I'd generally assume this is just a maintenance error, etc.

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