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Storrowin' in the rain

Box truck demolished in a Soldiers Field Road storrowing

Roving UHub photographer Henry Luthin snapped the aftermath of a most impressive storrowing this afternoon, inbound on Soldiers Field Road by the Harvard B-School.

Box truck with its roof sheered off

Ed note: Don't worry - he was not driving the car from which he took the photos.



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A man of many talents.

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Nothin lasts forever
Even storrowin in the rain

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I saw you (with my shit) Storrowin' in tha rain.....
Next UHubbers who all remember Oran Juice Jones and this mega hit...Add the Storrow lyrics while you swayin!
Oh shit...and then there's the female version.
Go!! Come on. The world needs to laugh! Adam go

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Not only stripping the entire roof but taking off the back half of the trailer! Exceptional! A 12 out of 10.

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No doubt ultimately it's the individuals at fault and people driving trucks shouldn't be using Google Maps, but it's very likely it's their algorithm which is to blame for the huge increase in Storrowing. If Google Maps thinks Storrow Drive is the best route, sure you can pick another route, but if you deviate from that route at all, even just by turning around, Google Maps switches up the routing back to Storrow Drive without informing the driver. I've personally noticed this dozens and dozens of times, driving a box truck around the area for 14 years using Google Maps, but we're laser focused on the issue, so we work around it, but still many a time it's "here we go again". Fortunately I know the area pretty well, so I notice quickly when it happens, but obviously others do not. They have misplaced confidence in the alternate route they picked.

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Waze (and I assume Google) can keep you away from toll roads if you desire. Why, if a route includes height or weight restrictions, can't the app ask what you are driving and re-route if the answer is truck (of the non-pickup type), bus, etc.?

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If Google added such a feature, they'd have to collect all of the necessary data, add the routing algorithm, and add the UI feature (far more complicated than it might seem at first glance).

That's a pretty significant cost! And what's the benefit to them? Maybe they win over some fraction of commercial traffic from the commercial GPS/nav systems.

But more likely, they get a bunch of lawsuits from drivers and their insurance companies when their data is wrong and results in a Storrowing. "Avoid toll roads" or "drive here" don't generally result in lawsuits when they're wrong. Someone who drives into a lake can easily be shown to be at fault. A judge might be more forgiving for someone who misses a sign.

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