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Taxi driver crashes on Soldiers Field Road; he dies, passenger lives

State Police report they are investigating what might have caused the driver of a cab to crash on Soldiers Field Road outbound near the Weeks Footbridge while he was driving a woman home from Logan around 10:30 p.m. yesterday.

The taxi went off the road and struck a tree on the grassy shoulder.

The Trooper who was first on scene performed CPR on the operator, a 68-year-old Lynn man, until EMS arrived and took over emergency medical care. The operator was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

The passenger, the taxi’s fare, a 24-year-old Cambridge woman, was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.



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Must have been traveling at a high rate of speed to jump the guardrail and exit the roadway.


And guess that maybe the monsoon we had most of the day yesterday had something to do with it.


It rained/slurried all day and then the temps dropped after dark.

The local unofficial weather station shows it dipped below freezing in that area around that time.