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Today's fastest Bostonians and banana

The mayor's office and the BAA announced the fastest man, woman and non-binary runners in today's Marathon: Miles Batty, an MGH orthopedic surgery resident from West Roxbury who finished in 2:25, Ariana Maida, a Dana-Farber physician's assistant from Jamaica Plain, who completed the course in 2:48:50 and Nonie Anderson, a BC Law School student from Brighton, whose time was 3:44:18.

Batty once ran a sub-4-minute mile, as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University.

However, the time for the fastest banana went to Matthew Seidel of Oakland, CA, who established a new Guinness record today for the fastest Marathon fruit, when he peeled out from Hopkinton to Back Bay while dressed in a banana suit in 2:35:38.

That's almost six minutes faster than the previous record for fastest fruit-based time in a Marathon, set in 2020 in Arizona, by a man also dressed as a banana.

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Were there any bananas that couldn't finish the race and had to be picked up by a sweep bus? Did the bus operator call ahead to the finish line and inform them "I'm driving you bananas"?

What's the fastest non-bananary fruit time?

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Since that list doesn't include the race winners, am I correct in assuming the Mayor's office announcement is for the fastest runners from Boston?

Meanwhile, I guess Matthew Seidel is today's Top Banana.

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Not that I'm plantaining.

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Curious whether he made his splits.

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When does the rest of the list come out that names fastest redhead, fastest bald guy, fastest Republican, fastest (fill in the blank)

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In the meantime, I think it's neat of the BAA to point out the fastest Bostonians in a popular event with a ton of participants from around the world, and for the Guiness folks to recognize the fastest banana.

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Every individual will be their own group or category and we will all be winners..../S

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