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Transit cop convicted of raping two women while on duty

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted former Transit Police officer Shawn McCarthy for raping two women against and in his cruiser after offering them a joy ride in his cruiser that started near the Aquarium T stop and ended in a vacant lot near the Museum of Science in 2012, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

McCarthy, who now lives in Maine, will be sentenced March 20, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office:

Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum said that on July 6, 2012, the victims, then in their early 20s, were drinking in Boston when they encountered McCarthy outside the Aquarium subway station. Against the advice of a fellow officer, McCarthy offered the women a joyride in his marked police cruiser and drove them around the area with blue lights flashing. After stopping in a vacant lot so the women could relieve themselves, McCarthy said he hadn’t risked his job for nothing and he would not take them back downtown until he got something out of it. The women stated that they feared getting in trouble and had no choice but to submit. McCarthy penetrated one victim’s vagina with his fingers and his penis as she stood against the parked cruiser; and inserted his fingers into the second victim’s vagina as she sat in the backseat of the vehicle. He then drove them back to the area where they had met and warned them not to tell anyone about the episode.

Authorities only learned of the attacks in 2019, when one of the two women disclosed the incident while applying for a law-enforcement job in another community, the DA's office reports:

Up to that point both victims had believed the perpetrator worked for the Boston Police Department. The matter was initially referred to BPD and further investigation identified the assailant as a Transit Police officer. A grand jury investigation with the MBTA police followed. McCarthy admitted that he had two women in the cruiser on the night in question but denied any wrongdoing. He was placed on administrative leave in December 2019 and resigned soon afterward.

In a statement, Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green applauded the verdict but especially the women who came forward:

First and foremost, we must acknowledge the survivors in this horrific incident. We are in total admiration at the courage and bravery they displayed throughout this ordeal. We must also acknowledge Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum whose experience, skills and abilities were brought to bear on behalf of the survivors and citizens of the Commonwealth to hold Shawn McCarthy accountable for his abhorrent, predatory and vile conduct. The jurors rendered a thoughtful and just verdict.

We are committed to restoring the faith and trust of those we are sworn to serve and protect.

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for a loooooong time

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Over the past several years several Transit Police have been arrested and charged with serious crimes. Please tell us they didn't receive pensions.

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I expect that because he resigned, he qualified for a pension commensurate with the amount of time he was employed by the T.
I don't know if it can be revoked now that he's a convicted rapist.

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There are two sources of funding: money you pay in, and money that is paid to you once that money is gone.

He will at the very least get the money he paid in with some very miniscule interest.

I don't know if he'll be eligible for lifetime payouts - that would take a process to end, and I suspect that process will be initiated. He also needs to have 10 years of service to be eligible for the full pension, not just what he paid in.

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Always nice to be on the clock when committing sexual assaults.

Good time Charlie.

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Applauding the women who came forward and the verdict.

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