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Trouble at the top at two BPS schools

The Crimson reports on the uproar at the Gardner Pilot Academy in Allston after BPS removed the principal three months ago after she allegedly failed to report serious problems among students, including "persistent bullying" and "sexual misconduct."

Schoolyard News reports 67 staff members at Boston Latin Academy have asked Superintendent Mary Skipper "name one or more co-heads of school so that Head of School Gavin Smith would no longer have sole decision-making authority."



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The Mozart in Roslindale had a new principal start there at the beginning of this year. Due to all the fights the principal left her position , took a pay cut and went back to her old school to take a lower position.

My kids school is seeing behavorial issues that are not being dealt with completely due to lack of support for teachers by the principal.

The upper Quincy school had a student taze another student a few weeks ago while at school.

The Murphy k8 school has had tons of fights this year, atleast one resulted in a kid being taken away in an ambulance.

BPS needs to bring back some form of school police.

And THIS is why enrollment in BPS is dropping sadly


This is like running a pilot of rearranging chairs on a sinking ship.