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Tuesday will be a particularly good day to not drive around the Back Bay

State Rep. Jay Livingstone sounds the alarm for tomorrow:

Please be advised that due to tomorrow’s Presidential visit (5/21) vehicular traffic will be impacted with street closures in Back Bay, around the Boston Common and on Berkeley St. between 12-8pm.

Yes, we resisted the urge to ask him "president of what?" because it's not like we're such a backwater we never get visits by various presidents, even if the president of Harvard is probably staying on his side of the river, this being the U's commencement week and all.

Boston Police caution that people might also have some trouble getting around Logan and the Seaport tomorrow.

The president will give a speech in New Hampshire, then return here for a couple of political receptions.

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I'm attending a 3-day conference at the Boston Marriott Copley Place and was already tempted to skip tomorrow. This might well make the decision for me.

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Either way, you should be able to avoid whatever traffic disruption happens.

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Disability means I can't bike nor walk the amount I'd need to (on top of the walking and standing I'd do there). I'm exhausted from today and have to be there Wednesday.

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etc either.

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