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Two foreigners charged with rape, but only one case has sparked outrage on the right

Ruth Zakarin, a former rape counselor, contrasts the reaction to the news about a Haitian man charged with raping a teen at a migrant shelter in Rockland and an Irish man charged with raping a woman at a hotel in downtown Boston.

It’s not lost on me that the accused perpetrator of the assault in downtown Boston was not American. He actually tried to flee the country and was pulled off an airplane by state police. But… I have not yet heard an indictment of all non-Americans attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade based on this one incident.

She adds, though:

What I also haven’t heard is a thoughtful and clear call to end sexual assault. I haven’t heard a demand for better policies that protect women and girls (and everyone) from sexual violence. I haven’t heard anyone shouting that we need more services, more protections, more safety - for ALL.



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This is an absurd straw man argument, and a false equivalence. "I haven't heard" is just weak — who are you listening to?

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This is something that can be easily demonstrated by a search engine. Go ahead - try it.

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The Straw Man argument is the one made by everybody insisting that immigration policy is the salient feature in a rape case. It isn't.

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Modern Republicans love violence, destruction, chaos, havoc ... just keep loading the words. If it is bad modern Republicans love it. They will do everything possible to keep the bad stuff happening.

Why? Because that is the only way they can keep playing the game of "Look at what the other fellow did." Without having targets of blame their entire enterprise of rule collapses. This is Republicans wearing new clothes. The only way to keep enough voters blind to the nakedness of their policies is by maintaining problems which they then turn around and say exist because other people cause them.

The evidence repeats over and over with immigration policies and laws. The latest sabotage by the House Destruction Caucus is just the latest evidence.

When something happens however that does not fit their agenda - such as man from northern Europe (Trump's favorite people) raping an American then mum's the word.

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In the migrant case the victim is a minor, living in the same building. The Boston case involves two adults, and the alleged rape occurred half a mile away from the bar where the individuals met. There are legitimate questions about what transpired there, including possible drugging, intoxication level affecting consent, and consent generally. No means no, and sometimes yes may not be sufficient, depending upon the condition of the victim. Rushing to get on a plane doesn't look good, but doesn't prove guilt. The migrant case arises out of a policy decision which created the circumstances. The Boston case arises out of a cultural failure, where masses of people feel compelled to drink themselves into a stupor, to celebrate a religious feast and an historic event.

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Is that we should extend all benefit of the doubt to the Irish guy, but the Haitian guy should be assumed guilty from the start.

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All Are Assumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty....that means Everyone!

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Equating the rape of an underage disabled girl to a drunken escapade in a hotel room is a new low for a liberal crackpot

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Is there are two kinds of rapes.

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in Massachusetts law

Rape, aggravated rape, etc

One of these cases is charged as rape of a child MGL c 265 s 23.

Rape of a child - another kind of rape.

You and this random nut Ruth are saying more "outrage" about that is not warranted?

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That phrase seems to be doing a lot of work there.

Maybe you should look into how rape is defined in our society and laws before you leave that rock you have been living under and encounter any "females".

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Equivalence. Trying to compare these two is a disturbing post even for you.

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If you are so sure of how "false" this equivalence is, anon, then maybe put your name on that?

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It's suburbanites who are considered the true enemy.

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Opposing entry of European citizens eligible for the visa-waiver policy?

An absurd take.

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Why is that absurd? If one Mexican commits a violent crime, the entire Republican party is calling for a halt to all immigration. Is there some reason why that same logic shouldn't be applied to European? Is there some sort of, er, essential difference between Europeans and Mexicans? Gonna have to give that one a good pondering.

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First, are you insinuating that Mexicans never enter the USA legally? Because that's one of the differences between the cases.

Aside from the greater heinousness of raping a disabled child, the greater outrage is about the consequences of policy choices.

The Haitian entered the USA in violation of US law due to lax border security, yet was allowed to stay and his housing and victuals paid for by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.

But for that, he would not have been able to allegedly rape a disabled child.

The Irishman entered the country legally on the visa waiver program for EU citizens.

Really this posting by Ruth and the knee-jerk commenters here represent zombie "progressivism," in that the urge to castigate the White Man and see racism in everything supersedes any perception of reality.

Yes, a disabled child being raped by someone who entered the country illegally but was allowed to stay and was supported by the state is more outrageous.

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