By - 10/26/18 - 12:17 pm
Aggravating turkey on Ashmont Street in Dorchester

A fed-up citizen managed to get to a safe space to file a 311 complaint about a turkey that has mistaken Ashmont Street in Dorchester for Brookline: Read more.

By - 10/21/18 - 3:59 pm
Hillary is the greatest, graffiti at Milllennium Park

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint about the graffiti at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, is silent about the unleashed dog right behind it. Read more.

By - 10/20/18 - 11:03 am

An outraged citizen with two sons at the Joyce Kilmer School on Baker Street files a 311 complaint: Read more.

By - 10/15/18 - 11:08 am
Black plastic left behind in Blackstone Square fountain

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint about the rubber sheeting a film crew (part of Marky Mark's Spenser funky bunch?) left behind Friday night in the Blackstone Square fountain. Also, they tore up the grass.

By - 10/7/18 - 6:58 pm
Hidden hydrant in East Boston

An outraged citizen filed a 311 report about this situation on Marion Street in East Boston:

Car has illegally put a recycle bin over a fire hydrant so they could park in front of it. The trash from recycle bin is now all over sidewalk. Please tow and remove recycling bin. Highly illegal!

By - 10/4/18 - 2:47 pm
Seagull and seagull poop atop one of the towers of the Longfellow Bridge

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the condition of the tops of the newly rebuilt seasoning shakers along the Longfellow Bridge:

Lovely seagull poop on all 4 towers of the beautiful Longfellow bridge.

By - 9/22/18 - 11:12 pm
Roof raccoon

A concerned citizen asks the city to do something about a roofy raccoon on Temple Street in Mattapan.

By - 9/18/18 - 11:16 pm

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the intersection of Saratoga and Bennington streets in East Boston:

Smell like Gas!!! Please send a competant gas crew to investigate this god damn gas leak that has been in this intersection for weeks.these useless contractors come here and barely check anything..the public is scared .is anyone listening

By - 9/11/18 - 8:28 pm

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the lazy rat sauntering down Lewis Street in the middle of the day like nobody's business:

Big fat RAT strolling about on Lewis St in broad daylight! Situation in North End is obviously out of control. Rats are not running anymore!

By - 8/22/18 - 10:52 am
Lagrange Street eyesore

A concerned citizen notifies 311 about the decaying former asthma-inhaler plant on Lagrange Street in West Roxbury: Read more.

By - 8/17/18 - 9:36 am
Trash on Tremont

Tremont Street this morning. Source.

Reports poured into 311 this morning about trash bags ripped open, their contents scattered about, along Tremont Street, Massachusetts Avenue and Shawmut Avenue. As one concerned citizen put it in a 311 complaint: Read more.

By - 8/9/18 - 9:57 am
People selling T-shirts in the forest

An annoyed citizen filed a 311 report about the people from New Hampshire who've set up shop at the four-way stop in the middle of Stony Brook Reservation to sell T-shirts:

Someone direct them back to Hampton Beach.

By - 8/8/18 - 10:25 am
Dockless bike with no wheels

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint about an Ant bike with no wheels on Topeka Street at Southampton.

Dockless bike sleeps with the fishes in East Boston.

By - 8/3/18 - 9:42 am
Inaccessible sidewalk in Jamaica Plain

A concerned citizen shows that sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words, with a complaint to 311 about the sidewalk on Amory Street in Jamaica Plain:

If we can't get a baby stroller through past this hydrant, how can someone in a wheelchair? I am concerned about accessibility.

By - 8/1/18 - 9:32 am
Exhaust pipes on Ada Street in Roslindale

A concerned citizen files a 311 report:

Looks like someone tried to drive over the high man hole cover in the middle of the road and parts of their car's undercarriage were ripped off.

By - 7/29/18 - 4:44 pm
Whole lot of stacked coffee cups

An annoyed citizen files a 311 complaint about these ever growing stacks of coffee cups on West 5th Street next to the overpass over the bypass road.

PLEASE HELP! This pile grows every day. It needs to be cleaned up and we need more garbage cans in the area.

By - 7/27/18 - 9:46 pm
Condo 4 Sale on Marginal Street

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about this "illegal graffiti" at 290 Marginal St. in East Boston.

Somebody spray painted street

By - 7/23/18 - 10:20 am

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about the situation on Litchfield Street in Allston: Read more.

By - 7/15/18 - 12:23 pm

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about trash piling up amid the plantings at the playground at Peterborough and Kilmarnock streets - again - and demands:

Please do more than empty barrel- or force McKinley school to maintain. This would NEVER be allowed to continue if this was in the Back Bay!