By - 5/21/18 - 11:46 pm
Inside the tunnel

Hilary was among the lucky people who got to take a tour of the abandoned trolley tunnel under City Hall, built in 1898. She took plenty of photos of the tunnel and the remains of a trolley station down there.


Photo posted under this Creative Commons license.

By - 5/21/18 - 10:17 pm

The Crimson reports Harvard has barred Roland Fryer from his own on-campus think tank during the investigation.

By - 5/21/18 - 7:44 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports UMass President Marty Meehan is pissed at people on campus going public with criticism of the process to find a new chancellor, which may have made the three decide UMass wasn't worth the trouble, and now he's telling UMass Boston: No permanent chancellor for you.

By - 5/21/18 - 5:14 pm

At 74 Whitten St., near Adams Street, shortly after 4:30 p.m., Mass. Incident Paging reports. The homicide unit was calling in because of the severity of the victim's injuries. Two suspects in custody; police also have the moped they allegedly rode on.

By - 5/21/18 - 4:33 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today acquitted Lenny Quintero-Flores of Malden on a manslaughter charge for the drowning death of Mitchell Harrison in June, 2016, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 5/21/18 - 4:24 pm

A federal judge in Boston today agreed with Senate candidate Shiva Ayyardurai to dismiss his lawsuit against Cambridge over its banning him from from parking his "Real Indian" campaign bus at his Concord Avenue headquarters, because the city rescinded the ban after getting proof Ayyardurai was not parking it there permanently, but was instead actually using it to go places. Read more.

By - 5/21/18 - 3:45 pm

The MBTA today announced a summer weekend fare on commuter rail of just $10 - good for unlimited travel on all trains through all zones on Saturdays and Sundays - except for the Cape Flyer. Read more.

By - 5/21/18 - 12:02 pm

Arlington school and police officials said today they will offer "restorative justice" to the 14 teens IDed as the people who vandalized Arlington High School and spray-painted swastikas and anti-gay slurs on the building on May 2.

Instead of facing criminal prosecution, the teens will be offered a chance at a three-phase program: Read more.

By - 5/21/18 - 11:35 am

Tickets for a city Landmarks Commission tour of an abandoned trolley tunnel downtown today went quickly. WFXT's Robert Goulston gets some photos of the 1898 tunnel. Another...

By - 5/21/18 - 9:22 am

Per Keep Roslindale Quirky, somebody was spotted leaving bread soaked in antifreeze in the area along South Walter Street.

By - 5/21/18 - 9:07 am

All throughout the winter, the Street (you know, the lower Chestnut Hill Mall) loaded every last bit of snow in a single pile on the Hammond Pond Parkway side, almost as if they were trying to see just how high they could pile snow (answer: High enough that they probably should have installed warning lights for incoming aircraft). Gary Chase shows us this morning (with a closeup if you don't believe him), that some of the snow from that Mount Snowmore is still there.

By - 5/21/18 - 8:48 am

Antares Rocket Launch (from NASA Wallops) - May 21, 2018 viewed from Boston/Roslindale

Ed Gryzb of Roslindale watched an Antares rocket that had lifted off at 4:44 am. from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia - carrying about 7,400 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station.

By - 5/20/18 - 9:32 pm

A lot of people don't realize what's really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidents and things. They don't realize that there's this, like, lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything. Give you an example, show you what I mean: suppose you're thinkin' about a plate of shrimp. Read more.

By - 5/20/18 - 1:40 pm

Oops, they did it again. The Globe reports it's found more examples of workers at the Secretary of State's office doing election work for the longtime prince of darkness secretary of state during working hours. At least one works in the elections department, so you'd think he might be familiar with the rules governing such things.

The news comes as Galvin faces one of those pesky primary challenges, this time from Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim.

By - 5/20/18 - 1:22 pm
Just Dunkin'

Workers have been busy on Washington Street near West Roxbury Parkway revamping the drive-up Dunkin' Donuts as a plain Dunkin', part of the chain's longstanding attempts to get us to try more of its non-coffee/non-donuts stuff.

By - 5/20/18 - 12:46 pm
Car flipped over in Roslindale

Sean shows us the car turned turtle at the intersection of American Legion and Cummins highways with Canterbury Street around 11:45 a.m. At least firefighters didn't have to go far to render aid - the firehouse for Engine 53 and Ladder 16 is right at the intersection.

By - 5/20/18 - 10:25 am

Cambridge Police report recovering multiple shell casings after both 911 calls and the city ShotSpotter system reported gunfire around 3:22 a.m. at Elm and Cambridge streets. Read more.

By - 5/20/18 - 10:21 am
Saved duckling

Saved duckling. Photo by Marblehead PD.

Marblehead firefighters and animal control jumped into action this morning and reunited ducklings and mother duck. And yes, with requisite adorable photos.

By - 5/20/18 - 10:00 am

The New York Times takes note of the Congressional Black Caucus and Deval Patrick endorsing Pressley's opponent, incumbent Mike Capuano - and John Lewis's trip to the Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury to speak for Capuano.

By - 5/20/18 - 9:55 am
Miles on the MBTA with his prom date

Miles Taylor, who as Miles on the MBTA, has ridden and written about pretty much every subway, commuter rail and bus line in the state, is a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin. Last night, he went to the school prom, at the Marriott Long Wharf. Fellow transit enthusiast Ari Ofsevit posted photos from Taylor's - and his date's - bus ride from Cambridge to the Boston waterfront.