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Advertising on Universal Hub

Universal Hub is your connection to hard-core Bostonians – the people who live, breathe and eat Boston. With frequent news updates throughout the day and an active, engaged user community, Universal Hub offers the best way to get your message to Boston.

Universal Hub visitors are well educated, affluent and, of course, concentrated in eastern Massachusetts, in particular, in the area inside Rte. 128. Google Analytics data (available on request) show more than 200,000 visitors per month, who view an average of 1.1 million pages.

Advertising opportunities

Universal Hub offers 728x90 and 300x250 Web ads (user-initiated expanding units allowed). The 728x90 units run at the top of pages in the desktop version of the site. The 300x250 ads have two available positions: In the top-right corner of full-screen pages and embedded in individual story pages - between the main content and the comments. Ads typically run RoS. We geotarget ads to the Boston area, and can run roadblocks. Do you use Twitter to promote daily offerings? We can put that feed in a box on relevant Universal Hub pages. But we're flexible: Have an idea for something different? Let's talk!

Rates: $6 CPM per unit, with volume discounts available.

About the name

One of Boston's nicknames has long been "the Hub of the Universe" (in classic New England fashion, we actually took what was meant as an insult and turned it into a point of pride). Universal Hub is the hub of the Hub of the Universe.

About the content

Although Universal Hub covers the big news that everybody else does, we give Bostonians news and photos they wouldn't see elsewhere, with an emphasis on news from the city's many neighborhoods. If you want to find which which subway lines have trains stuck in the tunnels, or who's won the annual Storrow Pool (the first U-Haul with a clueless driver to get its roof ripped off on Storrow Drive), you'll check Universal Hub first.

A key part of that coverage is the visitors themselves. In an era when everybody has a cell phone, they have become mobile reporters, with the result that Universal Hub Web and Twitter readers are often the first to know about breaking news on the streets of Boston, in news feeds filtered by an editor with more than 25 years of experience. Close moderation of Web-site forums ensures high-quality discussions on issues of importance to Bostonians.


Contact Adam Gaffin at [email protected].


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