Original JP Harvest could close in February

The Harvest Co-op's lease on its South Street location ends on Feb. 28. Although board members are continuing to negotiate with their landlord, there's a chance the store could close, forcing members to journey to the newer Harvest on Washington Street on the JP/Roslindale line.

The co-op board meets on Jan. 5, starting at 6 p.m., at the Cooperative Artists Institute, 311 Forest Hills St. in JP, with time set aside for members to discuss the potential shutdown.


A Four Corners childhood

Paul Levy relays some stories from Charlie Sandler, born in Four Corners in 1932:

At age 11, he obtained a job selling refreshments during the dance nights at the Greenwood Youth Center. During a break in the active dancing, the girls would come over to the refreshment stand and order Cokes. Before they had finished them, the music would start up again and they would run over to the dance floor. Charlie and his partners in crime would quickly refill the empty bottles with the leftovers, pop the tops back on, and then sell the "new" bottles during the next break. "Five cents, pure profit!" he gloated 71 years later.


An old industrial building on the waterfront that won't be turned into condos

Fans of the old industrial look could do worse than just drive down Northern Avenue (or take the Silver Line) on a quiet Sunday morning and then walk around the Boston Marine Industrial Park (this morning, I parked across from Liberty Wharf and then just covered the waterfront).

One of the more interesting buildings from the area's history as the South Boston Naval Annex, is what the BRA now calls Parcel N at Fid Kennedy Avenue and Capstan Way- a large hulk of a no-nonsense building, except for the almost decorative touches around its main and rear doors:

25 Fid Kenned Ave.
front door, 25 Fid Kenneday Ave.
Rear of 25 FID Kennedway Ave.

Last month, the Economic and Industrial Development Corp., the BRA unit that oversees the marine industrial park, sent out a solicitation for bids for the building. Unlike a vacant nearby parking lot, destined to become an "innovation" office building, EDIC said it wants to retain the building's industrial history:

EDIC encourages proposals that further its commitment to promote maritime economic development and the retention and creation of job opportunities all within the existing zoning and regulatory framework. Explicitly forbidden uses include residential, hotels/motels, healthcare, recreational boating, sports and entertainment and general office. Said forbidden uses are not under any circumstances to be included as part of Parcel N redevelopment plans.

Preference will be given to a developer that would rent the building's large first floor, which still has a train track running through one side (although it no longer connects to anything) to a single tenant.

Gantry at 25 FID Kennedway Ave.
Vents at 25 FID Kennedway Ave.

Common Ground in Allston briefly becomes a drive-in

Andrew Husband photographed the aftermath of a crash this morning, in which somebody in a Nissan drove into the front of Common Ground, 85 Harvard Ave.

Walking Boston shows us the folks at Common Ground made some lemonade out of this car-crash lemon:

Common Ground sign after crash

Underground car show turns into evacuation zone in Post Office Square

Updated with info from BFD.

An annual event that lets car enthusiasts show off their modified rides at the Post Office Square garage ended a bit early when the Boston Fire Department arrived to figure out why smoke detectors went off and wound up evacuating the garage due to elevated carbon-monoxide levels.

More than 200 Masstuning enthusiasts had gathered on level 3 of the six-floor garage when the alarms went off around 8 p.m. A Fire Department spokesman reports:

It appears smoke generated from spinning tires caused the alarm to activate. Firefighters estimate there were over 200 cars at this event. Using meters, firefighters also found elevated amounts of carbon monoxide present on several levels.

Police were called to assist in shutting the garage down. Garage was evacuated of people until CO dissipated. Building staff made sure exhaust fans were on full. Once levels were safe, the public was able to start retrieving cars at around 10:30pm.

Inspectional Services Inspectors were called to check use of the garage and permits. Once cars were retrieved, garage was closed for the night. Fire Haz
Mat Inspector cleared at 12:30am. ISD to follow up on the incident.


Another person dead under an Orange Line train

Transit Police report a man on the inbound tracks at Roxbury Crossing was hit and killed by a train around 6:25 p.m. Police described him as white and apparently in his 30s.

The Boston Fire Department reports the man was on the tracks just before the station and that after the train stopped, firefighters escorted passengers off the train to the platform.

Buses replaced Orange Line service between Forest Hills and Back Bay.

Other recent incidents on the Orange Line (not all fatal):


The year in review: Some T delays we went through

What follows is a far-from-complete list of MBTA delays this year - just the ones I set to rhyme:

Snow flies, Red Line dies, 1/2/14

Trains fail, commuters wail, 2/10/14

Trains die, riders sigh, 2/11/14

Trains succumb, riders are glum, 2/11/14

Riders fume and boil as trains leave this mortal coil, 2/19/14

Green Line trolley crosses River Styx; Green Line riders develop tics, 2/19/14

Trains join the choir invisible; riders just get more miserable, 2/20/14

Trains go past their expiration date, once more, riders gonna be late, 2/24/14

Trains fail; can riders bail?, 2/25/14

Trains fail, riders quail, 2/26/14

Trains die, riders ask why, 2/26/14

Trains croak, riders choke, 2/27/14

Trains belch smoke; riders choke, 2/27/14

When presidents arrive, trains take a swan dive, 3/5/14

On the Red Line, those pesky signals go unlit, riders too cold to throw a fit, 3/6/14

Train comes to sudden stop; riders grow tired of this kind of flop, 3/11/14

Grim reaper claims another train, riders continue to feel the pain, 3/14/14

Train gives up the ghost; riders' mornings are toast, 3/17/14

Blue Line switches refuse to switch, riders sigh, their life's a bitch, 3/19/14

Red Line train goes down for the sleep eternal, Red Line riders' journeys become oh so infernal, 3/25/14

State Street fills with smoke, riders cough and choke, 3/28/14

Red Line train bit the dust, riders sighed and cussed, 4/3/14

Red Line train heads for pearly gates; riders left to ponder fates, 4/24/14

Another train expires, at least there were no fires, 5/9/14

Signals flicker and die; Red Line riders just wanna cry, 5/13/14

Riverside Line loses power; that's why riders are so dour, 5/16/14

Blue Line train weighed against Ma'at's feather, Blue Line riders feel under the weather, 5/17/14

Green Line tracks are whack, veteran riders not taken aback, 5/19/14

Orange Line loses some power, riders' tums get all sour, 5/20/14

Signal woes make the trains crawl, Red Line riders just want to bawl, 5/21/14

Switches, doors are fried, commuters fit to be tied, 6/2/14

Train sputtered and died, entire Northeast Corridor now completely fried, 6/9/14

He has a leg up on Fields Corner, 6/9/14

Red Line train needs a casket, riders ready to blow a gasket, 6/11/14

Providence Line riders stranded for an hour; as you can imagine, they're rather dour, 6/11/14

Morning trains get a wake, riders left to stew and bake, 6/17/14

Riders perspire when tracks catch on fire, 6/18/14

Train dies heading west; riders get extra stressed, 6/20/14

As temperature climbs higher, commuters feel like they're on fire, 6/30/14

T says South Station problems not their fault, riders go 'Oy, gevalt!', 7/11/14

Trains crawl, riders bawl, 7/25/14

Orange Line shorts out, makes riders want to shout, 7/31/14

Red Line goes kablooie, commuters' rides get all screwy, 8/4/14

When Blue Line wires collapse, getting anywhere is like shooting craps, 8/5/14

Who do you thwack when signals go black? Blame Amtrak, 8/22/14

When Blue Line signals clock out, riders can only sigh, pout, 8/24/14

Green Line wires come undone, riders know that's no fun, 8/27/14

Orange Line signals suck, riders out of luck, 8/28/14

Red Line train goes to that big station in the sky; riders forced to just sit there and cry, 9/4/14

Red Line plays Godot; riders call it a dumb show, 9/17/14

Red Line another horror show; train slows, then just won't go, 9/24/14

Dead trains on Orange and Red make rush hour a thing to dread, 10/20/14

Just in time for rush hour: Orange Line gets all sour, 10/23/14

Red Line of no use when a goose goes on the loose, 10/23/14

It's ghoulish on the Green Line this morning; your commute is going to die aborning, 10/31/14

Orange Line train exhales its last; riders stuck going nowhere fast, 11/3/14

Trolley goes six feet under, riders pay for its blunder, 11/9/14

Right out of the gate, the Orange Line is late, 11/10/14

What happened to the Fitchburg train? At this point, who can explain?, 11/11/14

Red Line train crosses River Styx; riders left in quite the fix, 11/14/14

Trains everywhere given last rites, commuters know first-hand that bites, 11/24/14

Green Line a mess; riders under duress, 12/9/14