Election roundup: The family that makes commercials together

Mike Heffernan, the Republican candidate for treasurer proves his tightness with the dollar with an ad that seems to be made by his family, although it was really produced by an ad agency in Virginia.

Coakley and Baker discussed the economy, education and transportation at a debate just for them.

A pollster type discusses why a tight race in the polls would be good for Coakley.

WBUR chats with Scott Lively, who wants to bring Massachusetts back to Old Testament days. No word on his thoughts on mixing fibers, however.

Unions plan a GOTV effort to keep casinos alive. Clergy in the Newburyport area organize to kill casinos. The Globe concludes casino opponents are way overstating the impact casinos will have on the lottery.


Four more arrested at forest protest

Protesters prepare to be cuffed before ride to booking. Photo via Danny Factor.

Four more people were arrested this morning as part of ongoing protests against tree cutting on woodlands where Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge come together.

News of the arrests comes from the Green-Rainbow Party:

Secretary of State candidate Danny Factor was arrested today along with three other protesters as they demonstrated against the destruction of the Silver Maple Forest on the Cambridge/Belmont border. The sound of trees crashing to the ground could be heard in the background as Belmont police handcuffed the demonstrators who had entered the area to ask that the forest be left intact to allow efforts to protect the land to come to fruition.

Nine people were arrested in protests last week.

In addition to concern over the trees, protesters say the condo project planned for the land would cause flooding in the nearby Alewife Brook by removing the water-absorbing qualities of a forest.


T considers eliminating two BU stops on the Green Line

The MBTA holds a meeting Thursday on a proposal to "consolidate the BU West, St. Paul, Babcock, and Pleasant stops into two fully accessible stations that will help reduce travel times and improve safety."

The session begins at 6 p.m. in the Commonwealth Salon room at the BPL main library in Copley Square.


Downtown restaurant to celebrate sectarian violence

The Boston Licensing Board this week hears a request from restaurateur Brian O'Donnell to rename Jason Santos's old Blue, Inc. at 131 Broad St. to Broad Street Riot.

The name harkens back to the Broad Street Riot of 1837, when drunken Protestant firefighters got into it with Irish Catholic men about to form a funeral procession, sparking a riot that left nearby businesses and homes in ruins.

The restaurant is just down Broad Street from Nix's Mate, which is named for an island in Boston Harbor where colonial authorities would hang the bodies of executed pirates as a warning to other ne'er-do-wells. Perhaps the next Broad Street restaurant could be a barbecue place called Fire.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.


Possible frost tonight could be followed by a 'prolonged nor'easter'

The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for the immediate coastline (and all of Boston) and a freeze warning for the rest of the area overnight.

Then, on Tuesday, we could get hit with what NECN's Matt Noyes is calling a prolonged nor'easter that could last until Friday. No snow out of it, at least.


Oh, come on, it's not even Halloween yet, and we've still got all this pumpkin-spice coffee to drink

And we're still drawing down our pumpkin-spice supplies. R.S.Y. Buchanan reports seeing this Christmas drink today at the Somerville Whole Foods. Or as he puts it:

Dammit, tryptophan induced coma comes first!


The Professor and Lovey decided life on the island wasn't so bad after all

Lorianne DiSabato photographed some of the more unsually attired competitors in the Head of the Charles Regatta today.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.