Dueling Ebola tests under development at BU, Harvard

The Daily Free Press reports BU researchers are working on a "single particle interferometric reflectance imaging sensor" that can confirm an Ebola diagnosis in about an hour, using a drop of a patient's blood.

The Crimson reports that Harvard researchers are working on test strips "containing freeze-dried enzymes called 'switches' " that can confirm an Ebola diagnosis in about 30 minutes, using a drop of a patient's blood.


Madrilenos en Boston

A one-hour tour of Boston by and for people who live in Madrid. It's all in Spanish, but even if you don't speak it, you can look at the pictures. My favorite part was when the local host, a native Spaniard now in Boston, and the interviewer jaywalk across Dartmouth from the park to the library and the interviewer expresses some fear and the host says something like "Nah, by law, Massholes have to stop for pedestrians" (or at least it seemed like that, my Spanish is a bit rusty). Also, apparently the Spanish word for "gay" is "gay."


Stop being wusses: When it comes to the Olympics, it's only money, she says

Karen Cord Taylor's case for trying to bring the Olympics here basically boils down to: A real world-class city would jump at the chance to go for the Olympics. That's what real entrepreneurs do! She concludes:

I don’t know, if we are chosen, whether things will turn out badly or well. I do know that taking a risk and prevailing is one of the most satisfying things a person, and a city, can do. And remember, it is only money.


South Boston woman charged with breaking into cop's home and attacking him

WBZ reports a key question is whether she was his ex or they were still an item; he claims she broke in and attacked him and his current love and that she fell down stairs; she claims she found him with another woman and he pummeled her in anger at being caught.


Shot fired into Revere house; police looking at possible link to Halloween golf-club incident

Revere Police report they are investigating how a bullet wound up inside a Dale Street home around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

This incident is currently under investigation and the State Police Ballistics unit is assisting the Revere Police. At this time, pending further investigation police are determining whether this incident was connected to an earlier incident in that area on October 31, 2014.

Dale Street intersects Vane Street, where one resident is now charged with assault and battery on a child and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a golf club - for an incident on Halloween.

That resident, Carl Holmberg, was released on personal recognizance at his arraignment today on charges he used the golf club to restrain an 11-year-old and that he used the club to attack that kid and two 14-year-olds, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The boys say they cut across Holmberg's lawn while being chased by somebody else and that that angered Holmberg. Holmberg said the kids were the aggressors, that he did not hit anybody with the golf club, but "pushed and struggled with one youth who approached him in a hostile manner," the DA's office reports.

Innocent, etc.


Orange Line train exhales its last; riders stuck going nowhere fast

So this train pulls into State Street and the doors just won't open, to the point where people start banging on the doors, which, of course, does nothing to make them work. The T finally managed to unload that train somehow, but now it's reporting "severe" delays on the Citrus Line.


Citizen complaint of the day: South Boston Starbucks going to the dogs

An aggrieved citizen complains about all the fuzzballs clicking their nails across the hardwood floors of the Starbucks on West Broadway.

The city replies ISD is scheduling a visit to the establishment.