Ass cranking

Be reports:

... My neighbors catty corner from me are currently ass-cranking rap. With the bass turned way up. It is so powerful that I can feel my chair rattling under me to the beat from across the gosh-darned street. ...


Gay pride

Boston Pride photos. More pride photos.

Chris wonders where all the gay bars have gone - and what that means for gay identity in Boston:

... Let others hash out debates between assimilation and seperation, between a parade of militant drag queens/kings and one of State Street and Bank of America gay employee groups, between sex radicals and bridal fairs; my sympathies hover between the two anyway. There's a bigger issue here: the city no longer has a functioning gay ghetto and the bar scene is pale shadow of a metropolitan scene. The corner of Clarendon and Tremont, the focal point of the parade and what used to be an epicenter of Boston's gay life, on any given week night is 80 percent straight these days. Pockets of lesbians, gay men and transgendered folk pop up around the city - Dorchester, JP, the wide swath of Cambridge, parts of Roxbury, Chelsea and Eastie - but everyone is too scattered out to cohere as a community. ...


The bumper sticker that says it all

Tim spies a great bumper sticker in Southie today:

If you drove like a Masshole
You'd be home by now!

With the URL for this site:

... In any hostile environment, there is natural selection. In the case of the Boston roadways, the Masshole driver has evolved into the Alpha of the group. Masshole driving is for those people who can't be bothered by sitting in traffic or caring for other people's feelings. ...


Red tide-loving sodomite playground workers beware

God has chosen July 14 and 15 as the dates on which true Christians will begin to rise up and save Boston (or, at the least, the days on which Prophet Chuck Pierce visits us):

Massachusetts has been a state where there are no absolute truths. Do not be afraid! We must be aware of religious and political spirits that will try and align themselves together to frustrate God's purposes (Mark 3:6 says Pharisees and Herodians). It is never just the government; it must have religious backing. Much confusion will come from God from stirring up the enemy, but we will walk through it!

The author suggests that the rising of the Red Sox last fall from their curse is proof of God's plan for Massachusetts and His opposition to stem-cell research.

Local efforts are being organized by Watch Boston, which is seeking "pray-ers" to, among other things, turn back red tide and, of course, overthrow the gay-marriage decision. Oh, and take over the city. Among Watch Boston's goals:

... The people of God in Boston take their seats of authority, which have been vacated through the faithful prayers and petitions of the intercessors (pray-ers), in every sphere of influence—business, government, education, recreation, economics, etc.


Own your own bookstore

Village Books in Roslindale Square is for sale:

Annie Bauman isn't getting out of the independent bookstore business because of money. And she hasn't lost her affinity for books or reading. No, she's decided to sell the store, which she opened in May 2002, for a very simple reason.

"I'm a new mom," said the Roslindale resident. "I've been running the store and been a mom for a year. There are days when I have a baby in my arm and I'm also talking to vendors." ...

She's holding an open house at 7 p.m. on June 22 for potential purchasers - her asking price is $155,000.

Andrew, who lives nearby, says: I hope that Annie finds a buyer who will run the place as well as she has.


Unfair comparison

Shanna is saddened by the devastating fire at Sacred Heart Church in Weymouth, but can't believe the church's cantor compared the fire to 9/11:

... No matter how precious a place of worship is, it is still nothing more than a building. One firefighter was seriously injured, but as far as I know, no one was killed.

I have no idea how you compare this to nineteen maniacs taking over four airplanes full of innocent people, and then proceeding to crash those planes into large buildings full of other innocent people (though failing as to one plane). How do you compare seeing the aftermath of a church fire to watching people jumping hand-in-hand with their coworkers from the hundreth floor of a burning office building. ...



I was surprised the other day when I was having trouble connecting to our access point from our back porch (those durn metal door- and window frames!) and out of curiosity, turned on site survey and saw three other addresses pop up - all un-encrypted and one offering direct access to somebody's PC. Since we don't have all that many neighboring houses, it would probably be pretty easy to figure out who the networks belong to and talk to them about, at a minimum, turning WEP on. Should I?


Upset that Bank of America doesn't go to the dogs

Philip notices that all the shiny new Bank of America branches come with shiny new "No Dogs Allowed" signs. No dogs allowed, no business from him:

... I'm not sure that I can stomach 0.2% interest if I can't have a dog at my side to provide some comfort as inflation and corporate looters erode my turbine-powered helicopter fund. Anyone have a suggestion for a dog-friendly bank in the Boston area?