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Great pet; serves two

Boston Craigslist ad of the day, via Spatch:

We are looking for a good home for our 4 month old chicken. Great pet -- low maintenance, very people friendly. Our travel schedule precludes us from keeping it. Likes to be outside during the day when the weather is temperate, sleeps inside in a cage during the night.

We can think of one local blogger who might cluck over this. No, I am NOT going to tell the joke about the guy who gives his mom a parrot for her birthday.


Sorry, CharlieTicket

The MBTA thinks CharlieTickets will help increase revenue and so is rushing to get them into use.

Pelican thinks the T has its priorities screwed up:

... I don't care how easy the CharlieTicket will be. Ridership will not increase if the T doesn't run on time, has incomprehensible signage, has unhelpful employees, and has stations that are dark and dangerous. Better fare collection will not help me when I am choosing to walk thirty minutes from MFA to downtown because it is faster than waiting on the T.


Should the cops take shortcuts to solve those murders?

The Herald states that the police didn't really have to wait for a search warrant for that Ford Escort impounded in the quadruple-murder case:

... In addition to consent, the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution would have forgiven any urgency by investigators to go through the vehicle if they believed there was a firearm either in plain view or concealed inside, or if there was reason to believe the car was involved in the commission of a crime. ...

John, however, suggests the Herald not give faulty legal advice - a judge could later rule that the search didn't meet Constitutional muster and throw out all the evidence:

... Getting prior judicial approval for a search by obtaining a search warrant gives a much higher probability that any evidence found will be held up at trial.

So why, in an important homicide case, does the Herald promote the notion that the police should take the quick route and risk losing critical evidence? Seems odd.

My standard newspaper disclosure.


Rolling up the sidewalk costs extra

Harry wonders if it's right that the city charges $150 to replace asphalt sidewalks with concrete ones:

... Do you think improvements such as fixing sidewalks should cost extra, depending on where you live, or come as part of basic city services? ...

Hmm, what about people like me (and a bunch of other people in my neighborhood) who have concrete sidewalks ripped up for emergency repairs by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, which then puts in "temporary" asphalt patches that they never replace? Since they're "temporary," the BWSC naturally doesn't bother with niceties such as ensuring they are level, making them both butt ugly and a pain to shovel in the winter.


Elves shining with an inner light


Every Dec. 26, this guy on Oak Street in Dedham goes around to local stores, buying up their outdoor Christmas decorations. So now every Christmas, his yard is full of Christmas decorations. There's an illuminated Santa atop his chimney. The rest of his house is also decorated with illuminated Santas and reindeer and stars and, well, you name it. Below is just a PART of his yard:


Anybody got a pin for those giant inflatable Xmas things?

Christine hates those giant inflatable Santas and snowmen and dogs almost as much as December shopping in stores with the thermostat set to 90:

... I want to pop them all. ... Feed some starving kids in Africa or something. Don't put this crap out on the side of the road for me to drive past. Another thing for the terrorists to hate about us. ...

She's got a sympathetic ear in Michael, who barfs:

... Once you get past the Heathen End of our street (3 Jews, a Mormon, and Me), it's like Las Vegas East- Lights! Stars! Gigantic Sno-globes! Creepy Reindeer Skeletons! Like Halloween several weeks ago, everyone seems to want the brightest, flashiest, decorated-est house on the street. ...

Guess they should stay away from this house.


A 2006 election resource

Blue Mass. Group has set up a 2006 election guide - a Wiki listing links to every single candidate in the state (Republicans, too).


Don Warner Saklad orders a pizza

If you've been around the Boston InterWebs long enough, you know Don Warner Saklad, who has long posted these oddly worded, often verb-less critiques of the Boston Public Library and the Boston City Council Clerk's Office. Of late, however, he's been branching out into other fields, for example, Colleges. Roslindale and Boston/Cambridge online food ordering. Spatch reads the latter and wonders what it would be like if Don Warner Saklad ordered a pizza.


Boston and still waters


Handy animals