MS-13 member convicted for his part in the murders of two teens in East Boston

A federal jury today convicted Edwin "Sangriento" Gonzalez, 22, for helping to murder Wilson Martinez, 15, in September, 2015, and Cristofer Perez de la Cruz, 16, in January, 2016.

He is the 49th MS-13 member to be found or to have pleaded guilty to RICO charges following the arrests of 61 alleged MS-13 members in raids in 2016, conducted by the Obama-administration FBI and police departments in several "sanctuary" cities, including Boston, Everett and Chelsea.

Gonzalez took turns with several other MS-13 members to stab Martinez to death on Constitution Beach and who received a promotion in his MS-13 Molinos Locos Salvatrucha "clique" for his role, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports:

On Sept. 7, 2015, Gonzalez and three other MS-13 members lured a 15-year-old boy through social media to Constitution Beach in East Boston. Convinced that the victim was a gang rival, Gonzalez and others targeted him by pretending to be a girl on Facebook and lured the victim to the beach for a date. When the victim arrived at Constitution Beach, Gonzalez and three other MS-13 members took turns stabbing the victim repeatedly, killing him and leaving him dead on a public beach. The victim had approximately 33 sharp force injuries and multiple blunt force injuries. The other three MS-13 members who committed this murder with Gonzalez - Carlos Melara, a/k/a "Chuchito," a/k/a "Criminal;" Henry Parada Martinez, a/k/a "Street Danger;" and Rene Mejia Flores a/k/a "Gasper," - have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

Gonzalez then pulled the same Facebook-girl trick to lure Perez de la Cruz to his death, officials say:

On Jan.10, 2016, Gonzalez and three other MS-13 members lured a 16-year-old boy through social media to Falcon Street in East Boston. Again, convinced that the victim was a gang rival, Gonzalez and others targeted him by pretending to be a girl on Facebook. Gonzalez then went to pick up the victim, pretending to be a relative of the girl that the victim was supposed to meet for a date. When Gonzalez arrived with the victim in East Boston, the MS-13 members attacked the victim. Three of the MS-13 members, including Gonzalez, were armed with large knives and stabbed the victim repeatedly, while the fourth MS-13 member fired multiple gunshots into the victim. Gonzalez and the other MS-13 members then ran away, leaving the teenager dead on a public street. The victim had approximately 48 sharp force injuries, multiple gunshot wounds, and multiple blunt force injuries. The other three MS-13 members who committed this murder with Gonzalez - Edwin Diaz, a/k/a "Demente;" Jairo Perez, a/k/a "Seco;" and Rigoberto Mejia, a/k/a "Ninja" - have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

Gonzalez, a Salvadoran national, faces deportation after he completes his sentence, which will be set on Sept. 26.

A hero returns home after 74 years

An honor guard at Logan Airport today welcomed home John MacDonald, a Somerville native and Allston resident, who, as a Marine, died on Nov. 20, 1943, during the first day of a battle to take the Pacific island of Tarawa.

State Veterans' Services' Secretary Franciso Urena, took the photo reports Marines from the 1st Battalion, 25th Regiment were joined by State Police, Boston firefighters and surviving members of MacDonald's family.

MacDonald's body was not found after the battle. In 2015, a private group found an unmarked burial ground containing the remains of 35 Americans. DNA and other evidence showed MacDonald was one of the servicemen.

His remains will be buried in the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne tomorrow.

Christine Tron of the VFW has more photos.

Massachusetts-based show could replace Cah Talk on WBUR

WBUR says it's chosen McSweeney's to create a pilot show that could replace the Car Talk reruns the station now airs.

The show would be hosted by Chris Monk of Arlington, who now runs McSweeney's Internet Tendency and who obviously has the Massachusetts roots to replace a show famous for its Boston accent: Who else but a Bay Stater could have come up with this list?

South End summer start

Rick Macomber greeted the new day - and the new season - in the South End.

The South End wasn't the only place summer was breaking out:

In West Roxbury, kid learns first hand why you shouldn't hang out on a train bridge

Cops walking through park to the river. Photo by Mary Ellen.

First responders, including a Boston Fire dive team, rushed to the Charles River near Millennium Park in West Roxbury this evening after a conductor on a Needham Line commuter-rail train reported seeing a kid jump off the bridge that crosses the river there as the train approached.

Boston firefighters and police at first searched the river itself, because the conductor said he did not see the kid, about 15 and wearing a red T-shirt, surface from the water.

But then a couple of firefighters found the kid, OK, on the riverbank near the businesses along Rivermoor Street. Turned out when he jumped from the bridge - a popular place for some teens to hang out on - he landed on the riverbank, not in the river, which is why the conductor didn't see him bob up.

No word if the firefighters gave him a stern lecture.