Back Bay

By - 11/11/18 - 12:03 am
Back Bay Armistice celebrations

One hundred years ago today, people all over the Boston area stopped what they were doing to celebrate the end of the War to End All Wars. Read more.

By - 11/8/18 - 3:47 pm

Biznow reports the chicken-on-a-bun chain has decided Tom Menino has not been mayor long enough and is looking to replace the Boloco at 569 Boylston St. in the Back Bay. Read more.

By - 11/7/18 - 6:23 pm
Weird cloud over Boston

Colleen Glenney caught the unusual cloud at sunset over the Back Bay this evening. Read more.

By - 11/5/18 - 8:57 am
Sunrise over the Public Garden

Rick Macomber up and about in the Public Garden at sunrise this morning.

Christine Sullivan had a ringside seat for the sunrise over Boston Harbor: Read more.

By - 11/2/18 - 1:56 pm
Couple getting engaged in the Public Garden

On a nice day in the Public Garden, you take pictures. Kaylaclare is trying to find the couple she managed to snap last month:

If you were in the Boston Public Garden having your engagement photos taken on October 21 - contact me if you would like this to add to your collection as well!

By - 11/1/18 - 2:33 pm

The Boston Guardian reports that Compassionate Organics, which hopes to open a dispensary at 331 Newbury St. early next year, has been acquired by Green Thumb Industries, a Chicago-based cannabis packaged goods company.

The dispensary won local approval by the Boston zoning board last year.

By - 10/31/18 - 3:29 pm
John Kelly on a Duck Boat

Martin Lieberman was among the tens of thousands who lined Boylston and Cambridge street to watch the Red Sox rolling rally today. Among the people he spotted: Relief pitcher Joe Kelly and 2004 star Pedro Martinez. Read more.

By - 10/31/18 - 3:19 pm

UPDATE: Released on personal recognizance at his arraignment, Suffolk County DA's office reports.

Maybe he meant well, like other people at the rolling rally tossing beers up to Red Sox players, but whatever the intent, Boston Police report a Sandwich resident faces arraignment on charges that include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for an incident during the parade on Boylston Street in Copley Square around 11:40 a.m.

Officers placed the suspect in custody after observing him throw an unopened can of beer at one of the Duck Boats, striking an adult male party on board. The victim was not injured as a result of the incident.

By - 10/31/18 - 12:12 pm
Marlborough Street decorations for Halloween

Carpundit spotted these dragons on Marlborough Street in the Back Bay today.

By - 10/23/18 - 9:20 pm
Lights in the Prudential tower read Go Sox

Copley Wolf Design Group captures the Pru tonight.

By - 10/23/18 - 12:59 pm

The Garden Club of the Back Bay reports the rescue of a woodcock on Arlington Street. Same one spotted downtown yesterday? How many woodcocks could there be flitting around Boston Proper? Read more.

By - 10/23/18 - 9:58 am
Kip Tiernan memorial on Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay

Tiernan memorial at its dedication. Photo by Leslee.

Spare Change News reports on the new memorial to Tiernan, on Dartmouth Street, between Newbury and Boylston, in the Back Bay.

Photo by Leslee posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 10/19/18 - 10:17 pm

Tonight was the annual half-naked run at Northeastern, and it followed its traditional route into the Back Bay.

By - 10/19/18 - 8:14 pm
Remains of an expensive car in Copley Square

Teddy Kokoros spotted the remains of a Lamborghini on Dartmouth Street between the BPL and the park this evening. Alert Page Boston reports it caught on fire. Read more.

By - 10/11/18 - 7:11 pm

Parkour Atlas

Remember Atlas, the robot who loved boxes but who had to deal with some jerk with a hockey stick who kept swatting the boxes away and then tried to knock poor Atlas down? Atlas is back and out for some sweet robot justice. That guy better run.

By - 10/10/18 - 11:15 am
Arthur Fiedler's giant head with a Red Sox cap on

The Esplanade Fiedler Head is sporting a 17-foot-wide, 7-foot-tall knit Sox cap this morning in honor of the team's ALDS victory last night, courtesy of the the Esplanade Association.

“My father was a Red Sox fan and I often joined him at Fenway Park for games. I’m sure he would approve of the donning of a Red Sox hat, especially this year,” said Peter Fiedler, son of legendary Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler.

By - 10/7/18 - 11:32 am
Dartmouth Street with horses and dirt

Greta Gerwig is filming part of her version of "Little Women" on Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay, and that means covering the asphalt with dirt to recreate 19th-century scenes featuring horses and carriages, as Pilotblock observed this morning.

By - 10/5/18 - 5:38 pm
Fire on Newbury Street

Flaming HVAC. Photo by Pat Kinsel.

WHDH reports two HVAC units on the roof of 205 Newbury St. caught on fire late this afternoon but that Boston firefighters doused the blaze quickly.

Jan watched the smoke rise from the Hancock Building: Read more.