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By - 4/2/13 - 4:58 pm

Shuttered BPL in Copley Square

Tristan reports a water-main break shut the main BPL library in Copley Square today.

By - 3/30/13 - 6:29 pm

Firefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. MillerFirefighters move victim to ambulance. Photo copyright T.S. Miller. More photos.

What seemed like your basic springtime Fens fire this evening took on a more somber tone when firefighters pulled a badly burned man out from the water behind the Fire Department's fire-alarm building.

By - 3/29/13 - 11:42 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday ordered a three-day suspension for the Grand Canal on Canal Street due to an incident in December in which bouncer Sidney Phillips was charged with punching a patron in the mouth.

By - 3/28/13 - 12:45 pm

SimmonsA man Plymouth County prosecutors once said was the head of a large Oxycodone ring was arrested at Back Bay station last night after he allegedly sold some Oxyc

By - 3/27/13 - 9:09 am

UPDATE: The DA's office reports the victim was a 33-year-old Brighton man and that his death was declared "a non-homicide" after an autopsy and investigation.

State Police report recovering a man's body from the Charles River, between the Hatch Shell and the Harvard Bridge this morning.

By - 3/26/13 - 2:15 pm

Officials at the Westin Copley Place say that drunken Tufts students who left the hotel lobby filled with empty nips and urine in February have forced it to increase security for all future college events. Well, except for the Tufts Winter Bash, which they said they will never allow back, even if the university decides to rescind its decision to cancel it permanently.

By - 3/21/13 - 3:30 pm
St. Cecilia

Because I apparently had my camera with me today, I took this shot in front of St. Cecilia's, a church on Belvidere Street in the Back Bay. There were about a dozen Boston Department of Public Works workers shoveling and plowing snow from the sidewalks and street around the church.

I stopped to watch. I asked one of the drivers what he was doing and he replied, "Plowing out the church." I asked him if the city did it for all churches, to which he replied, "I guess the ones that have pull?"

By - 3/20/13 - 7:11 pm

UPDATE: Around 7:15, a Needham train inched through Back Bay while other trains got re-routed through Dorchester.

A switch just past Back Bay apparently decided to show MBTA officials what it thought of their idea to delay needed maintenance this evening, so now commuters get to enjoy the culinary offerings of South Station, or the two Dunkin' Donuts at Back Bay.

As commuters sat on unmoving trains, the T was endearing itself to the ones on Twitter with:

By - 3/19/13 - 5:03 pm

Perez (l) and LeylandPerez (l) and LeylandThere once was a man from Pawtucket
With fake hundreds he tried his lucket
But sharp bartender saw
The bills had a bad flaw
Now he's in jail going "fuck it!"

Dana Leyland, 29, of Pawtucket, and Felix Perez, 23, of Providence, were both arraigned today on charges of possessing counterfeit notes and uttering counterfeit currency after an alert bartender at the Charlesmark Hotel noticed the $100 bills they and a still missing accomplice allegedly used to buy two Coronas and a Hennessy were fake - and followed them across the street to Solas at the Lenox Hotel, where they were arrested, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

By - 3/18/13 - 8:51 am

The Globe reports Restoration Hardware may have been a bit premature with its grand-opening party.

By - 3/15/13 - 11:02 am

A body of a man pulled out of the Charles River yesterday is that of a 32-year-old South End man whose apparent jump into the river on Jan. 1 sparked a massive search that came up empty at the time, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adds:

The investigation during the intervening months into that man's death has not developed any indication of foul play. Because the case is not believed to be criminal in nature, his name is not being released.

By - 3/13/13 - 7:57 am

The Proper Bostonian writes she could deal with a Frye boot store replacing one of her favorite restaurants - Charley's at Newbury and Gloucester. But she will not abide by the arboreal destruction she says Frye committed outside the location - eight trees chopped to bits:

By - 3/10/13 - 6:24 pm

Bicycle on Boylston Street

Our own Dvdoff spotted one fed-up person's bicycle outside the Apple Store on Boylston Street today.

By - 3/7/13 - 4:12 pm

Gas light go boom

A concerned citizen filed a complaint about a gaslight at Arlington and Beacon this afternoon:

Gas lantern appears to be on fire.

By - 3/6/13 - 8:29 pm

The last thing you want to see at an event are Police and panicked PR girls. Photo by Sean William."The last thing you want to see at an event are police and panicked PR girls." Photo by Sean William.

Apparently Restoration Hardware, um, RH, had more people stuffed into the restored Museum of Natural History than it was permitted for, so fire inspectors started shutting the thing down shortly after 8 p.m. - barring people from going in, even if they had already been in but stepped outside.

At 7:47, Priya Sisodia tweeted:

At the Restoration Hardware opening, so freaking crowded can barely move. At least the wine's good. On the lookout for celebs and athletes!

By - 3/1/13 - 1:54 pm

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