Beacon Hill

By - 1/23/16 - 5:31 pm
Snow falling on the Public Garden bridge

Rachel took a walk through the Public Garden late this afternoon.

Around the same time, Michael Ratty on the other side of Charles Street, walking through the Common: Read more.

By - 1/18/16 - 9:50 am
Working on the Red Line tracks on the Longfellow Bridge

John McLachlan watched workers working on new Red Line tracks on the Longfellow Bridge yesterday. Read more.

By - 1/16/16 - 7:50 pm
Mrs. Mallard for the Pats

27-20. Bring on the next guys.

By - 1/6/16 - 9:45 pm

JDMD Owner, LLC, owned by three New Yorkers, has filed a letter of intent with the BRA to convert buildings at 33 and 61 Temple St. into 75 condominiums. Read more.

By - 12/24/15 - 2:26 pm
Skating at 70 on the Frog Pond

With temps approaching 70, Rachel reports the ice skating on Frog Pond today was more like puddle skating.

By - 12/24/15 - 9:01 am
Fire on Revere Street on Beacon Hill

The Boston Fire Department reports smoke from a fire in an apartment building at 80 Revere St. Wednesday night killed two dogs. A third dog was rescued.

The fire, reported around 8 p.m. in a second-floor kitchen of the five-story, ten-unit building, did an estimated $60,000 in damage, the department says. No people were injured.

By - 12/15/15 - 12:10 pm

Boston Magazine reports Bryon Hefner is registered to vote in Amherst, which is just a bit out of the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex state-senate district he said yesterday he might like to try his hand at representing. Legally, at least, that's not a problem - as long as he changes his registration to his Beacon Hill home before the election.

By - 12/15/15 - 8:13 am

State Rep. Jay Livingstone (D-Back Bay) announced last night he's running for the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex senate seat being vacated by Anthony Petruccelli.

His announcement came only hours after neighboring state Rep. Aaron Michlewitz (D-North End) announced he wasn't going to run for the seat. Read more.

By - 12/14/15 - 4:38 pm

Welp. Bryon Hefner tells Politico he might have a go at the state Senate seat being vacated by Anthony Petruccelli. Politico reports Rosenberg and Hefner share homes on Beacon Hill and in Amherst.

By - 12/13/15 - 2:58 pm
Cherry blossoms on Boston Common

Boston snapped these cherry blossoms on Boston Common today.

Ed. note: A lot less glamorous, but down the street from us, somebody's yard is full of dandelions.

By - 12/12/15 - 11:02 pm
Moms Demand Action

The Massachusetts chapter of Moms Demand Action held a march and protest rally at the State House today, on the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. Greg Cook posts photos.

By - 12/9/15 - 9:39 am

WBZ reports on the anonymous Good Samaritan.

By - 12/7/15 - 2:52 pm

Around 2:40 p.m. Transported to Mass. General.

By - 12/4/15 - 8:06 pm reports state Sen. Anthony Petruccelli is resigning for a job at Kearney, Donovan & McGee, a downtown lobbying firm. His district includes the North End, East Boston and Beacon Hill.

By - 12/1/15 - 12:10 pm
Zamboni on Frog Pond

The folks who oversee the Frog Pond report their Zamboni is hard at work today, getting the surface just right for the opening of skating season at 10 a.m. on Friday.

By - 11/29/15 - 11:56 am

Saturday evening near the Longfellow, WBZ reports.

By - 11/3/15 - 2:27 pm

That's what somebody's asking for a space in the Brimmer Street garage, the Bates Real Estate Report reports, adding that makes it more expensive on a square-foot basis than that $37-million penthouse at the Millennium Tower. Don't worry, though: It's heated.

Via Boston Magazine.