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Boston: A Thanksgiving Love Letter

I wrote this love letter to Boston and, since I lack my own blog these days, I'm thankful for this platform to share it with a wider audience. Thanks, Adam!

In thinking about what I'm most thankful for this year, aside from the usual family, friends, health, and good fortune (not to diminish the importance of those), I was overwhelmed remembering all the people and experiences that helped shape 2012 into one of the best years of my life, when it could easily have been counted among the worst. I could sit for hours talking about each one and still not get them all. Then I realized it all keeps coming back to one thing: this city.

Boston, I am thankful for you living up to every expectation and ideal I had of you from when I was a little girl and dreamed of living in you when I grew up. I am thankful for your varied neighborhoods, your suburbs, your parks, your streets, your rollercoaster weather patterns, your tourist traps, your hidden gems, and your breathtaking scenery. I'm thankful for your weird laws and character of a mayor and even your maddening transit system. I'm thankful for your "freedom trail" (read: bars). The TV doesn't lie. Everyone really DOES know your name sometimes.

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