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British High Court Finds US Guilty of Torturing Binyam Mohamed

Jim White correctly concludes "Barack Obama and Eric Holder now are required to act."

A decision of a British High Court certainly would qualify as "reasonable ground to believe" that CIDT [cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment] has occurred in the case of Binyam Mohamed and that it was at the hands of "United States authorities".

Article 12 of the Convention Against Torture:


It's All They Know

I know you're not supposed to say that the American people are stupid, so I won't. but can we at least say they have been brainwashed to the point of being intellectually crippled?

Half of Americans (50%) believe government should do less to regulate business. The rest are divided between saying things are about right (23%) and that the government should regulate more (24%). The majority (57%) are worried that there will be too much government regulation of business.

That is an epic failure of liberal politics. You can't blame them, if nobody ever told them otherwise.


Sen Scott Brown and his GOP base: wrongly informed slightly unhinged

The majority that elected Sen. Scott Brown was comprised of his Republican base and in smaller numbers unaffiliated independents and Democrats. It did not take too many independents and Democrats to vote Republican in this bluest of blue states to elect a Republican as our junior senator. Who are these republicans and what do they believe? A poll came out today that questioned Republicans about their beliefs on a why variety of fact and opinion. The results are quite shocking.


Gregory Koger, Explaining The American Filibuster

Fresh Air Jan 25, 2010:

Political scientist Gregory Koger's new book, Filibustering: A Political History of Obstruction in the House and Senate, addresses the institutionalization of the filibuster — and describes congressional loopholes by way of which fast thinking and hard work can beat the numbers. Koger teaches American politics at the University of Miami. He joins host Terry Gross for a conversation about what has happened to simple majority rule.


James O'Keefe of ACORN fame arrested for alleged felony wiretapping of Sen Landrieu's office

Ok what the frick is going on?? Didn't Republicans learn anything from the humiliation of Richard Nixon and the plumbers prison sentences for breaking and entering the Watergate Hotel and wire tapping the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Scandal?


Scott Brown: Independent, Lock-Step Republican or Pig in a Poke?

We chose him: What did we get and how will Scott Brown affect decisions coming out of the Senate? The purpose of this blog post is to document the issue positions Brown campaigned on, to get to know him better, and to use as a reference for when he starts taking votes. Your contributions in the comments are greatly appreciated.

What MA voters told us about the Senate health bill and change? Not enough!

Last night, Democrats lost Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in a bitter special election. This is a sad day for all of us who loved Ted Kennedy. But to make it even worse, conservative Democrats and Washington talking heads are claiming that the loss happened because Congress was "too far to the left." They are wrong again and we can prove it.

Election Day Punditry - US Senate edition

Obama showed up Sunday and rallied for Coakley to energize his supporters and signal that the race could still be won. If not, Obama takes one for the team. Obama pragmatic reason for putting himself on the line in this race is the 60th vote in the senate, and important vote due to the persistent and unrelenting Republican obstructionism in the Senate, and for health care although a defeat of Coakley does not necessarily signal a defeat of health care. There's budget reconciliation or stuffing he Senate Bill down the throats of Congress.

Open Letter to John Walsh, Chairman MA Democratic Party

Mr. John Walsh, Chairman
MA Democratic Party

Dear Mr Chairman,

Many registered Democratic Party voters as well as liberal and moderate independents are not pleased with our party's candidate for US Senate.

Rest assured, Martha Coakley has my vote Tuesday as well as the votes of many voters like me but it is a vote I cast with reservations.


Teabaggers Redux: Brown supporters filibuster Obama at Coakley campaign event

[size=9]alt to video[/size]

This is best the opposition can do. Controversy politics and yelling down their political opponent. It's not really free speech some of these Brown supporters value; it's yelling down their opponents. I thought we decided in August that was no way to have debate about important issues. And how much do these people care about their candidate that they can't be bothered to go to his event instead?