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Goran Visnjic Returns as Flynn

In a surprise turn of events, just a few days after canceling the time-travel drama “Timeless”, NBC changed its decision and ordered a ten-episode second season. It seems like the “Timeless” team have changed history yet again! After the show’s initial cancellation, the series creators, Ryan and Kripke tweeted that the show is considering other possibilities before making a decision. The loyal fanbase also shared their disapproval on social media and even started a #SaveTimeless campaign.

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Faivish Pewzner Fan of Boston Bagels

When Faivish Pewzner last visited Boston, he was excited about many things. But the one thing he was most looking forward, was tasting the city's famous bagels. Boston is a creative town with an outdoor culture that loves good food. Art and music are really big here, and there are foodie spots everywhere you turn. From oysters, noodles, chicken, tuna, and egg salads, to a large variety of pastries, this city really has something for everyone. Over the last few years, Boston has been undergoing a bagel transformation. The city’s bagel bakeries have a lot to offer.

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