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Funny People! Your Help Requested!

There are some true wits on U-Hub, so I'm asking you to help me in something where your wit will be invaluable. Please read, and feel free to respond or not, as the spirit leads you. Thanks!

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?


If You Have A Moment...

If you have a moment, please stop by my blog and wish MY WIFE a Happy Birthday. You can feel free to denigrate ME as much as you want. That may be incentive for some of you, and it would be in keeping with the spirit of the blog, so I won't mind :-)

Sunday Is MY WIFE's Birthday




Back In The Day

Just a quickie to direct anyone interested in seeing what I looked like, back in 1980, to my blog today.

Yes, I Actually Had Hair Once

If you were around in Hyde Park (or Dorchester, or Roxbury, or Mattapan, or...) in those days, and actually saw one of our shows, we thank you. If you recorded it, and still have the tape, I'll pay you for it!



That's what the Globe gets for ignoring Libertarian candidates (my biased election analysis)

[There are many Democratic analysts and Republican analysts spouting off about the election. I figure why not a Libertarian one?]

The Boston Globe gave Libertarian candidate, Joe "No Relation" Kennedy, almost no coverage at all. For instance, when he took part in a televised debate involving all three candidates, he received a one-line mention the next day. It was the same with many news sources and media outlets in Massachusetts. While it was not unanimous dismissal, it was widespread.

If the same outlets that ignored him so mightily had, instead, built him up as even marginally viable, he might have drawn enough votes from Brown to have given Coakley a fighting chance. Instead, he was treated as though he didn't exist, and this cost the liberals.


Did You Wear Your Sweaters Today?

Just wondering how many of you knew it was Won't You Wear A Sweater Day?


(I know this isn't Boston-centric, but Fred Rogers is such a huge hero of mine, I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention it.)

And, of course, here's my usual self-serving link. It's my tribute to the man, with a special offer for something free:



Parochial Schools - Yellow Brick

I have a question that I hope some of you may be able to answer.

The building that I work in, in Newton (please visit my blog entry today - and scroll down to lower photo set) is similar in style to many of the Catholic parochial schools in Boston, which I assume were mostly built in the 40's & 50's. That is, they share the yellow bricks and low-slung institutional styling. The bricks also show up in quite a few housing project constructions.



BC vs. Bowling Green

I'm trying to find someplace to watch the BC/Bowling Green football game this Saturday. Does anyone know of a bar/pub/restaurant in the area (preferably nearest Watertown) that has the cable channel ESPN-U? The game is on that, only, and I don't have it at home. Thanks for any leads!




Don't Laugh At Me

I saw Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) performing at The Brattle Theater this past Saturday. He performed a song entitled "Don't Laugh At Me" and it hit me very hard. I have never cried at a concert before, but I did on Saturday. I was teased a lot as a child and this song just brought a lot of the repressed sadness to the surface, I guess.

I just started a series on my own blog - I expect it to run for a month or more - but I wanted to share the lyrics to this song as soon as possible, so I'm posting them here. I hope you find them as lovely as I did.



Rainier Cherries

Just a quick question for you: Have you eaten any Rainier Cherries in the past week or so?


I ask because I had the most amazing stomach ache on Tuesday morning, lasting well into Wednesday. It was bad enough to send me home from work early on Tuesday. MY WIFE also came down with a bad stomach ache, hers starting on Wednesday.



New Name For "Curse Reversed"?

I just thought I should alert everyone - the deadline is this Monday for re-naming Brigham's "Curse Reversed" ice cream flavor. There's a contest and all:


(I already sent in "It's Just Manny Being Ice Cream", so you probably won't win...)

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