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Boston Harbor

By adamg - 3/13/23 - 7:36 pm
Amis Treasure in Chelsesa Creek

This afternoon, Michael Campbell was in East Boston, watching the Amis Treasure come through Boston Harbor on its way to the Chelsea salt pile on Chelsea Creek with a fresh load of Chilean salt, picked up from the Punta Patache Terminal in Chile.

By adamg - 3/13/23 - 9:33 am
Boston skyline at dawn

Karen captured the dawn over the Back Bay this morning.

In West Roxbury, Mary Ellen watched the sun rise over the West Roxbury Crushed Stone quarry: Read more.

By adamg - 2/25/23 - 11:01 am
Sunrise over Boston Harbor

Christine Sullivan got a good view of this morning's sunrise over Boston Harbor.

Down in West Roxbury, Mary Ellen briefly braved the cold at dawn at Millennium Park: Read more.

By adamg - 2/21/23 - 2:46 pm
Proposed Fort Point Channel barrier and pedestrian bridge

Possibility for a Fort Point Channel barrier. See it larger.

A consultant hired by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission is recommending a new barrier system where Boston Harbor meets Fort Point Channel, to keep rising sea levels and more intense storms from letting the ocean reclaim what was once South Bay - a large swath of Dorchester, South Boston and Roxbury. Read more.

By adamg - 2/20/23 - 12:06 pm
Man in kayak on Long Wharf in 2021

King tides always a good time to kayak on Long Wharf. Photo by Adam Castiglioni.

The BPDA board last week agreed to spend $880,000 for a consultant to study ways to make Long Wharf, which now floods during particularly high tides, more resilient in higher tides - from water slopping over the end of the wharf and belching up through a storm drain further down, near the Chart House. Read more.

By adamg - 2/10/23 - 1:50 pm
Big ship at the end of State Street

Adam Castiglioni was walking down State Street this morning when he looked up and saw a gigantic ship in Boston Harbor. It was the Iberica Knutsen, a Norwegian LNG tanker that had probably pumped out a huge load of LNG along Chelsea Creek and was now heading back across the Atlantic, or perhaps to Trinidad and Tobago, to pick up some more.

By adamg - 2/7/23 - 10:07 pm

A woman somehow wound up in Boston Harbor off Steriti Rink around 9:50 p.m. Boston Police officers, the first on scene, quickly spotted her holding onto a piling. Two divers from the Boston Fire Department jumped in the water and got her onto a State Police boat, which took her to the State Police dock near the Charles River Dam for transportation to a nearby hospital.

By adamg - 1/29/23 - 9:56 am
Orange sunrise

Christine Sullivan had a good view of the sunrise over Boston Harbor this morning.

By adamg - 1/23/23 - 5:07 pm

A non-profit group that wants to put affordable housing on 7 1/2 acres of East Boston waterfront it owns is suing the state agency that says the land can only be used for marine industries - or yacht storage - even though the land has no docks or access to the harbor's main shipping channel. Read more.

By adamg - 12/23/22 - 11:57 am
Wave hitting Winthrop Parkway in Revere

Wave hitting Winthrop Parkway in Revere. Photo by Brian Riccio.

Morrissey Boulevard? Long Wharf? Winthrop Drive? All shut at the morning high tide as wind-whipped waves came ashore. But also Day Boulevard in South Boston. Read more.

By adamg - 12/18/22 - 5:05 pm
Santa on a State Police boat on the way to Chelsea

Matt Frank tracked Santa making his way across the harbor on a State Police patrol boat to Chelsea.

By adamg - 12/16/22 - 12:55 pm

WFXT reports on the body found this morning.

No, there is no Smiley Face Killer.

By adamg - 12/5/22 - 2:45 pm

Eric Bender reports on a City Council hearing last week about what happens as seas continue to rise and storms grow more intense.

By adamg - 12/1/22 - 9:08 pm
Day Marker 5

The navigational marker at which Denver's boat suddenly stopped.

A judge ruled this week that there's enough evidence to warrant a criminal trial to determine whether Ryan Denver is guilty of involuntary manslaughter and assault and battery for crashing his speed boat into a 40-foot-tall navigational marker in Boston Harbor early on July 17, 2021, sending him and all of his passengers - one of whom drowned - into the water. Read more.

By adamg - 11/9/22 - 1:04 pm
Rowes Wharf under attack

Surveillance video via BPD.

Boston Police report a South Boston man is at a local hospital for treatment and waiting arraignment on charges he fired several flares at Rowes Wharf, causing damage to both the Boston Harbor Hotel and boats docked there and for the hypodermic needles he threw at responding officers, one of whom was stabbed by one of them after the man had been cuffed. Read more.

By adamg - 11/6/22 - 9:48 pm
Moon with a ring around it
By adamg - 11/6/22 - 9:40 pm
Mishoon under way from Little Mystic Boat Ramp

For the past week, members of the Nipmuc and Massachusett tribes gathered daily at the Little Mystic Boat Ramp in Charlestown to burn a large pine log, then carve it out to create a mishoon or traditional canoe.

Wraithe was there when they put the canoe into the water for the first time today. Read more.

By adamg - 11/6/22 - 10:09 am
Sunrise over Peddocks Island

Lisa Green watched the sunrise over Peddocks Island this morning.

Saturday morning, Adam Balsam took in the sunrise over Graves Light: Read more.

By adamg - 10/14/22 - 11:00 am
CSO warning

CSO warning from BPHC.

The Boston Public Health Commission reports all the rain has overloaded local sewer mains, to the point that one MWRA outflow pipe, upstream of the North Washington Street Bridge, started pouring sewage-laden water into the inner harbor at 1:01 a.m, "creating a potential public health risk." Read more.

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