By - 10/12/08 - 11:08 pm

Sam Baltrusis has the scoop on the Harvard Square landmark/joint, shut on Sept. 20 by a grease fire.

By - 10/9/08 - 10:17 am

Cambridge Police report a Dorchester resident was robbed around 7:25 p.m. yesterday by three knife-wielding 16-year-olds on First Street, between CambidgeSide Galleria and the Lechmere T stop. They made off with his cell phone.

By - 10/8/08 - 10:06 am

Cambridge Police report that a car hit a bicyclist at Main and Portland streets around 9:51 a.m. yesterday. The driver was issued a citation for driving with an expired license.

By - 10/7/08 - 9:51 am

Because enough people actually respond to make sending them out worthwhile. Cambridge Police report:

On 10/6/08 at 11:16 AM, a Rindge Ave. resident reported that his wife was notified by mail that she'd won the Canadian lottery on 9/5/08. To receive the funds she needed to prepay the taxes. A check was included to cover the costs. The husband dispatched a check via Western Union to various individuals, before discovering that the enclosed check was fraudulent.

By - 10/6/08 - 12:18 pm

Cambridge Police report two people were held up at gunpoint on Blackstone Street around 9 p.m. yesterday.

The victims stated that while walking on Blackstone St. toward Western Ave., they realized that three individuals were following them. When they moved to the side to let them pass, the three black teens stopped in front of them. One of the suspects produced a handgun and demanded the victim's belongings.

Sought: Two males, one female.

By - 10/4/08 - 11:12 am

IMAGE( Smoot was the shortest pledge in the school's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity 50 years ago when they decided to lay him on the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge.

Today, it's possible to use Google's calculator function to change any measurement into Smoots.

The original Smoot -- who later became chairman of the American National Standards Institute -- will return to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Saturday for "Smoot Celebration Day."

By - 10/4/08 - 12:11 am

With much fanfare, the T opened a large room at the Alewife T stop where bicyclists could store their bikes securely - only people with a special CharlieCard could get in.

At the time, Dan Dunn doubted the cage would remain secure for long. He reports he's already found the door swinging open three times and that, when he reported it to a T employee yesterday morning:

By - 10/3/08 - 5:16 pm


Expect delays Monday evening

WHAT: Elephants, zebras, and horses from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will walk along several Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) roadways to the TD Banknorth Garden where they will perform with the circus during the week. As they are led to the Garden, Massachusetts State Police and Cambridge and Boston police officers will provide a rolling roadblock behind them, which will slow traffic for the duration of their walk.

By - 10/3/08 - 8:17 am

The Tech reports on tomorrow's anniversary of the Boston area's contribution to the field of weights and measures.

A Salute to Smoot.

By - 10/1/08 - 1:20 pm

Cambridge Police report:

On 9/30/08 at 6:18 PM, an employee at a kiosk in the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall reported being punched in the stomach and threatened by an employee who is known to him from another kiosk.

Keep your credit cards - and kids - close at CambridgeSide Galleria.

By - 10/1/08 - 12:45 pm

Bookdwarf has the scoop.

The new owners are Jeff Mayersohn and his wife, Linda Seamonson:

Mayersohn, who lives in Wellesley, said, "As a customer of Harvard Book Store for over thirty years, I'm overwhelmed and elated by this opportunity. My wife and I have wanted to own a bookstore for many years--I never imagined that it could be Harvard Book Store."

Mayersohn is a vice president at Sonus Networks, which builds equipment for heavy-duty Voice over IP networks - he's an alumnus of BBN and GTE Internetworking. Sonus has had some issues this year.

By - 9/30/08 - 10:40 am

Cambridge Police report that a man with a gun held up Rosie's Bakery, 1796 Mass. Ave., as an employee was opening the store around 7 a.m. yesterday.

The suspect was described as 5'8", dressed in a light blue sweat suit with hooded sweatshirt, wearing a mask and gloves, of unknown race.

Police also report arresting a Newton man for breaking into an apartment near Centre Street around 1 a.m. yesterday:

Upon being sighted, the male climbed over his couch and back outside his side window and fled on foot. The resident exited the building and discovered the male in an alley abutting the building.

By - 9/30/08 - 9:04 am

She suffered an ankle injury and cuts in the early Sunday incident at Mass. Ave. and Everett Street, but the bus and the students aboard it came out OK, the Crimson reports.

By - 9/29/08 - 12:42 pm

Cambridge Police report on four recent incidents at CambridgeSide Galleria:

On Friday morning, an employee of the Old Navy Store allegedly took a customer's debit card and used it to buy a cell phone at the Mobile Solution Store. The customer caught up with the employee at the Lechmere T stop and confronted her. The woman gave the card back, but when the victim demanded to know about the unauthorized purchase, the clerk "struck the victim in the chest area." She then fled, leaving the cell phone behind.

On Saturday afternoon, a Boston resident told police a woman managed to get her credit-card information at the Sephora store, then left.

On Sunday afternoon, a clerk at an unidentified second-floor store allegedly slapped a customer when she didn't move out of his way fast enough for him:

The victim was shopping with her two children and had a visible red mark on her right cheek. The suspect admitted that he struck the victim and felt he did nothing wrong because he told her to move. The suspect was informed that he would receive a summons in the mail.

Also Sunday afternoon: A woman trying on clothes at Aeropostale reported somebody stole her handbag from the dressing room.

By - 9/29/08 - 9:02 am

The Crimson reports on a spate of robberies at Harvard dorms and attacks on Harvard students in Harvard Square:

For a few Quincy House residents, their suite offered small comfort from the rain this weekend as they awoke Saturday to the sound of a male intruder robbing their room. The thief was stealing what amounted to be the third laptop that was snatched from Quincy students in the past week. ...

By - 9/26/08 - 9:48 am

Cambridge Police report that a raging motorist who had words with a bicyclist on Prospect Street in Somerville yesterday morning caught up with the bicyclist again in Cambridge and this time got out of his car to give the guy a real piece of his mind and possibly a beatdown. Only he forgot something:

The suspect's motor vehicle continued and struck a second motor vehicle when the suspect left his motor vehicle in drive to confront the reporting party.

Karma takes care of raging bicyclist in Cambridge.

Meanwhile, Cambridge cabbies were pretty ragey yesterday as well. Cambridge Police also report they had to break up a fight among three employees of a cab company around 4:20 p.m. on Fulkerson Street - and that around 9:30 p.m. two cabbies got into some fisticuffs when one allgedly tried to cut in on the other at an Essex Street cab stand. And then, about two hours later:

... [T]wo taxi cab drivers got into an argument on Elliot St. One of the drivers stated that the other driver kicked his rear passenger side door causing damage.

By - 9/22/08 - 1:21 pm

Cambridge Police were kept busy this weekend responding to a series of reports of angry people who didn't feel like keeping things bottled up:


  • A black woman shoved into a fare gate at Alewife by an angry white man, between 50 and 60, screaming racial epithets at her.
  • A Sidney Street resident scratched and smacked in the face by his angry ex-girlfriend from Allston.
By - 9/19/08 - 11:54 am

Cambridge Police report that early yesterday morning, officers picked up a Leighton Street man on charges of assault to murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault and battery, intimidation of a witness and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Anybody know more details?

Innocent, etc.