By - 9/1/17 - 10:55 pm

In a reminder that the law doesn't always keep up with technology, a federal judge in Boston today tossed a French student's Title IX sexual-harassment complaint against an MIT professor because she never set foot in the US and Title IX only applies to actions that take place between people on American soil. Read more.

By - 9/1/17 - 9:16 am

The Crimson reports that even at Harvard, there are limits to technology and that students in a popular computer-science course have to show up in person again because streaming online lectures just "lacked the dynamism of years past."

By - 8/30/17 - 10:13 am

Cambridge Police report seven break-ins in Cambridgeport and Mid-Cambridge by a burglar looking for laptops over the past couple of weeks. Read more.

By - 8/29/17 - 11:02 pm
Trompe l'oeil in Cambridge

Nothing about the windows or the door on this building on Main Street at Portland Street is real.

By - 8/23/17 - 3:56 pm
Isaiah Thomas sign in Cambridge

Valerie Vande Panne noticed Mr. Bartley's in Harvard Square asking about the whereabouts of the now former Celtic.

By - 8/21/17 - 2:09 pm
Eclipse over Allston

Bob posted this photo of the eclipse over Allston, shortly after 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, over at MIT: Read more.

By - 8/17/17 - 7:37 pm

The Tucson Sentinel reports the University of Arizona has signed up longtime MIT linguistics professor (now emeritus) Noam Chomsky to teach there. Read more.

By - 8/15/17 - 8:32 am
Cambridge Charlottesville vigil

Greg Cook photographed a "Say No to Racism" and Charlottesville vigil in Cambridge yesterday.

Somerville holds a vigil tomorrow at 6 p.m.

By - 8/13/17 - 8:55 pm

Cambridge Day reports city officials have called for a "Cambridge stands with Charlottesville" rally at City Hall in Central Square, 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

By - 8/13/17 - 1:37 pm
Last-day cake at Cambridge bowling alley

Maggie Stanley is at Lanes & Games in Cambridge for what is its last day before it closes in preparation for replacement by apartments (on stilts, since it's in a flood plain). Read more.

By - 8/11/17 - 10:50 am

WHDH reports an abandoned house on Cedar Street in Cambridge that was in the process of being demolished collapsed and crashed onto a parked car, crushing it - fortunately, nobody was in either house or car.

By - 8/10/17 - 1:44 pm

MIT scientists created "living" jewelry that moves

Some researchers at the MIT Media Lab are working on a project called Kino that involves robotic jewelry that can move around your body of its own volition: Read more.

By - 8/10/17 - 10:10 am
Skater at the Lynch Skate Park

Stevil spent some time at the Lynch Family Skatepark in Cambridge a couple of days ago.

Copyright Stevil. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 8/7/17 - 4:06 pm
Wanted for skimmers

Cambridge Police have released photos of a guy they say installed a skimmer device on an ATM in Boston last month that let him grab $800 from a Cambridge resident's account. The photos come from a Revere ATM where he used the resident's account information to make a withdrawal.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-349-9322.

By - 8/7/17 - 10:56 am

Transit Police report arresting a Hyde Park man they say stole a woman's at the Harvard Square Red Line stop, then agreed to return it to her for $120 without thinking she might also have contacted the police. Read more.

By - 8/3/17 - 6:11 pm

Cambridge Day reports on the impending exit of the Comedy Studio from its perch atop the Hong Kong.

By - 8/2/17 - 12:54 am

Yeah, yeah, but the state really means it this time: The Charles River Basin is full of toxic cyanobacteria, which could make you feel pretty bad - and kill your dog, so be especially careful to keep Fido away from the water.

The state warning went into effect Tuesday.

More info on cyanobacteria from the state.

By - 7/28/17 - 8:50 am
Binney Street blocked off

Police have evacuated Binney Street between 2nd and 3rd streets due to a gas leak at 100 Binney St. Cambridge Police report: Read more.

By - 7/27/17 - 3:34 pm

Cambridge Police report they are looking for somebody who went around the Peabody neighborhood early Wednesday, smashing windows, lights and mirrors on cars in 14 different incidents. Read more.