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Sam Yoon continues to spam constituents and ignore complaints

This is not a good way to win votes...


Here, by the way, is the body of the spam he just sent me:

Dear supporters and friends,

Last Tuesday, almost 50% of people who went to the polls voted for change.

 They demanded new leadership in our city and a change in the way we do business. Even after Mayor Menino rolled out his political machine, spent a staggering $1.5 million, and used all the powers of his 16-year incumbency, half of the city voted against the status quo.

 Our campaign has said again and again that we can't wait four more years for change.

That is why this morning, I will be joining Michael Flaherty in front of City Hall, not just to endorse his campaign for Mayor - but to join it, and to work with him to bring the changes to Boston that we fought so hard for over these past months. 

Starting today, I will campaign alongside Michael Flaherty as his future Deputy Mayor. This is a first step that will change Boston politics for good.

I realize that for Boston, a joint campaign, a Flaherty-Yoon "ticket," is new and different. But we have always said that Boston politics has been too much about taking credit, and not enough about collaboration. So Michael and I will be working together to make the changes that we need in city government.

Over the next several weeks, we will be unveiling our plans for the first 100 days of our administration.

This will include enacting term limits for Mayor - putting an end to the 'Mayor for Life' culture in Boston that has held us back. The Boston Redevelopment Authority has been a breeding ground for back-room dealing and misuse of funds. Michael has asked that as Deputy Mayor I lead the effort to dismantle the BRA and replace it with a true community planning agency.

Of course Michael and I won't agree on everything.  But we won't need to.  We agree on enough - and most importantly, we agree that change can't wait.

 I believe this to my core. The alternative to acting now is standing still, and our city has been doing that for far too long.

We are asking for you to give everything you possibly can during these next five weeks to change our city. We are facing an entrenched political machine - a machine that won't give up power without a fight. We need your help and we need it now.

Join us - and let's change Boston for good.





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This will include enacting term limits for Mayor

I don't think term limits is the good way to get to an election on the merit. Admittedly, incumbents have an advantage but that doesn't mean the way to solve the problem is by eliminating the competition. It just puts good mayors into the position of trying to get the law changed when they're in office - IE Bloomberg.

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