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Harvard professors feel student pain over budget cuts

Faculty Meeting Lacks Usual Cookies (no, that is not an Onion headline):

The first Faculty meeting of the year kicked off without a regular staple: cookies to complement professors' tea and coffee.

"This is the first time in modern times with no cookies," Faculty Council member Harry R. Lewis '68 said as he held a white mug of tea. "We are sharing the pain with the undergraduates."

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I was going to just laugh at that quote but then I decided to RTFA. So now my question is, do they have a HUGE Faculty Council or do they just have hugely expensive taste in snack items? Because $500 per meeting sounds a little extreme to me. Baking a couple of batches of cookies = $15 max, plus a few Dunks boxes for another $25 or so. Or chip in for a big brewpot and go all out for the fair trade beans. Am I overthinking this? Maybe they're just trying to look like they're tightening their belts?

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