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AOL looks to get micro-mini-quark-sized-hyperlocal in Sudbury

Patch, which is AOL's latest effort to blow through millions of dollars hyperlocal play, is looking to bust out of its current Tri-State playpen and move into the Boston area, starting with Sudbury. They're looking to hire somebody to compile descriptions of businesses and organizations in Sudbury, which is almost as affluent as Wellesley or Concord, just a lot quieter. Says you can make $400-$1,000 a week for up to six months doing this. They think it's going to take six months to do profiles of every business on Rte. 20? Huh!

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Nice work on this blog Adam!
Love the fact that you are linking directly to the Craigslist Classified ad so that people can apply for this job. Good Reporting on AOL's next moves into the Hyperlocal Market - Shields Bialasik

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