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Wolff at the Door: A foray into the Boston Athenaeum

Posh library. Sanctuary for eminent Bostonians. Brahmin enclave. There has always been a mystique surrounding the Athenæum. Look inside the door with this review of Culture Club: the Curious History of the Boston Athenæum.



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I'm a member at the Athenæum - I love it... it's like another world inside.
Usually I go there during lunch hour to decompress or after work or Saturday mornings....
I can't recommend the place enough.

And before anyone asks, no - I'm not a blue blood, I don't live on beacon hill and I didn't go to Harvard (and I don't have a sh*tload of money).
But I'll admit, I can understand why people would have this misconception about the place given it's history, location and just the sheer wealth of art and literature inside.

The staff genuinely wants members who enjoy reading and art - it's that simple!

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