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Jesse Jackson, Mike Capuano rally in Boston for federal transit funds

From State House News Service


"Whether it's global warming, unemployment, social equality or dependence on foreign oil, prominent Democrats and labor leaders hailed investments in mass transit as the solution Tuesday and touted a proposed federal law they said would improve public transportation nationwide.

Joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson, U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano highlighted a proposal he's cosponsoring that would permit public transportation systems in urban regions with more than 200,000 residents to use federal dollars for operating costs. Under current laws enacted in 1997, only transit systems with fewer than 200,000 residents in the surrounding communities are permitted to do so."

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Just REPEAL the existing law entirely, and let the transit systems decide for themselves how to allocate the money they receive.

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With the reverend involved one can be sure a whole lot of money is soon to be going somewhere other than TRANSIT.

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