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The week's best reason for delays on the Red Line

For the second time in less than two months, a bank robber has learned the Red Line is not the most reliable replacement for a getaway car.

MBTA Transit Police report a Harvard Square bank robbery suspect tried to make good his escape on the Red Line (they don't say in which direction). He was quickly nabbed, but the station had to be shut to allow for evidence collection.

On March 23, somebody else allegedly tried a similar escape after robbing a bank in Fields Corner.

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OK, so I've never robbed a bank but here are some helpful tips:

1) Buy a ski mask, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, gloves.

2) Put on gloves, white t-shirt and black t-shirt (in that order).

3) Steal a bicycle, ideally from somewhere hidden from public view (and cameras, e.g. not a train station, hospital, etc.).

4) Stash bicycle near bank (at least 1-3 blocks away).

5) Walk towards bank, put on ski mask.

6) Rob bank.

7) Run to bicycle. Pedal for 10-15 minutes on side streets, making sure to turn frequently.

8) Get off bicycle, take off black t-shirt, climb into someone's yard, hop through yards.

9) Emerge from yards, walk calmly to stash house.

10) Profit???

Oh, and whatever you do DO NOT get onto the camera drenched MBTA that leaves the getaway completely out of your hands.

WTF people?

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They would have more stable work to attend to.

Or they would go into investment banking instead.

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that his cash bag broke open as he was fleeing.

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If the person sitting next to you had a dye pack explode in their face how would you respond.

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