When South Station was huge

Take a look at South Station in 1904 (but also note how smokey the air was back then).

Via Railroad.net.



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south station & shorpy

1. The pic may have come through railroad.net but the original site - shorpy - the guy gets public domain photographs & cleans them up & posts them in HD. Go to the main page (shorpy.com, with the obligatory www added of course) and search on Boston, Massachusetts - he has some amazing stuff.

2. I remember going into town with my Dad on the SE Expressway when I was a child & I loved looking out the car window at all those tracks. Doesn't seem that long ago, but maybe it was.

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I used to go to church at South Station when I was very small (early 1970's). My dad loved it because at Our Lady of the Railways, yes that was the name, there were no homilies, just good old fashioned eucharisting. Mass lasted 20 minutes to avoid holding travellers up.

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Not only the trains, but

Not only the trains, but businesses and houses burned coal as well. Our air is vastly cleaner now than it was then. Isn't progress great?

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