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That's a lot of meat

Tim "The Goose" Gilbert shows his winning form in yesterday's Italian-sausage eating competition at the annual Italia Unita festival in East Boston: In ten minutes, he ate 4.84 pounds of the stuff, taking the $300 first prize. Unlike in that Coney Island hot-dog thing, Eastie contestants actually had to chew their food. Watch the contestants in the early going:


Other photos from the festival (which continues today, Sunday, July 22):

That's "FBI" as in "Full-Blooded Italian:"

Now this is neighborhood pride:

An Italian festival has to have a bocce court:

The coolest ride of the day was in the wagon attached to this guy's scooter:

One great thing about the festival is that a lot of the food was local - from fresh clams and oysters to just cooked pasta:

Aw, shucks:

Residents of a certain part of Newton will note the guy's apron:

Fried Oreos? Is America great, or what?

The sun sets over the festival:

Glow sticks:

A festival is always good for people watching:

Shortly after 9 p.m., Sly Stallone's brother, Frank, came on stage to sing, or something:

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It's not that I didn't know such things existed, along with fried Twinkies and fried Snickers and the like (I am from the Midwest: Land of Fried Foods on Sticks), but I manage to be in denial every time.

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Jimbo, who lives in East Boston, notes some shortcomings, including too expensive food (yeah, I admit it: I had one of those $8 bowls of pasta; but I washed it down with a $1 bottle of water from one of the neighborhood stands, as opposed to the $2.50 bottles at the fried-Oreo stand), Stallone's generic (i.e., non-Italian) rock and kids just throwing bocce balls around (ouch!), which obviously happened after I left, because when I was there, there were kids playing actual, serious bocce.

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