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'Liquarry A. Jefferson probably didn't have a chance'

Good, sad, frustrating story in the Globe today that looks at the poor kid's short life in an awful family and environment in Grove Hall, despite some fairly intensive - and expensive - efforts by social workers to help.

... In Grove Hall, police have said that 2.4 percent of the area's 19,000 residents cause most of the serious crime. Many of those people, police say, are related. ...


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The same day that the Globe can run this
excellent local story in the news section,
they publish "Poems from Guantamo" in the

From the immediately relevant to the remotely
absurd, all in the same day!

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I'm glad we agree that detaining people without granting them Habeus Corpus (they haven't even been charged in five years, let alone tried; they at least deserve to see a judge and hear why they are being held) and subjecting them to torture is an absurd thing for the United States to do.

Unfortunately, this disgusting transgression against fairness and justice is also absurdly relevant. Guantanamo is a huge handicap to the US and needs to be shut down. And the President et. al needs to stop lying and admit that the US illegally tortures civilians as well as legitimate threats, even though torture of anyone is unacceptable.

Poems from Guantánamo

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