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Does size matter?

L-O-L-A Lola!So recently we learned that Lola, the Globe's impending transvestite fanzine women's fashion magazine, will feature a petite size that's convenient and small enough to fit in a purse.

Apparently GateHouse Media thinks gals want something larger, something that can handle D cells, at least (thanks, Swirlygrrl, thanks a lot). Next month, the owner of Boston's suburban newspapers (OK, and the Parkway Transcript) beats Lola to market with a women's magazine called Skirt:Big!

... The magazine will focus on profiles of women in the community, don't-miss events and highlights of products from local shops. The publication's oversized format, lively graphics and creative presentation are designed to make advertising and content work together in a way that captures the reader. ...

So which size will win?

You can get a taste of Skirt at its new Web site (the magazine has actually been around since 1994; GateHouse is licensing the thing from a Southern newspaper chain). I'm obviously not in the target audience, but, gah, all that script makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork something fierce. Also, somebody should inform the publisher that unless your last name is Faulkner or Joyce, paragraphs are a good idea.



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I guess I just can't resist that sort of marketing buzz.

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Great–the “Ladies Pages” gone insert.

I’m pretty sure most of the women I know will chuck the (invariably) cute/perky/chirpy bit of condescension into the trash as they search for the sports page, business section, and local news–in that order.

(I was at a trade show a few months back where a ‘droid tried to push a pink wimp-phone on a female acquaintance. She calmly snapped it in half, handed it back, told him to show her what he sold men, and then followed up with a promise to tell every female executive at his multinational how insulting his attitude was was to women.)

Dollars to donuts there will be a dieting article within the first six issues of each bit of fluff.

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