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Better head for the basement: Explosive DiMasi trial could leave Boston reeling, roiling with dynamite disclosures

Or something. WBUR explains the former Speakah's federal corruption trial, for which jury selection is set to begin today.

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Would that I could feel that way. I'm in the wrong line of work, clearly. For me that's more than two years salary. :(

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not to draw comparisons, but $65,000 is more than most folks can conceal in their undergarments or have exchanged with a handshake.

Just saying...

$1000= 3 years
$65,000= 195 years?

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On boston.com:

Here's a snippet:

US District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf addressed a crowd of 250 prospective jurors before they began filling out a 43-question form designed to gauge their impartiality. The questions were sealed from public inspection.

I can imagine the questions:
1. Does your last name end in a vowel?
2. What is your favorite scene from "The Godfather"?

Any others?

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3 - When was the last time you read a column by Howie Carr or listened to his radio show? If within the past two years, the defense would prefer you leave the next 40 questions blank.


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I think they should be unconstitutional or something. A random sampling of citizens should get the job done- no excuses accepted. Why rule out people with jobs, people with a long-ago criminal charge, people who are related to cops, or people who read the papers? Leave 'em all in, I say. In a group of 12, any biases should generally cancel out.

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