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Upper Crust agrees to pay more back wages after feds conclude it violated overtime laws again

The federal Department of Labor announced yesterday the Upper Crust Pizzeria chain will pay $81,000 in back wages and penalties to 11 kitchen workers it had improperly classified as exempt from federal overtime regulations.

"The Labor Department will not allow employers like The Upper Crust Pizzeria to violate the law and deprive vulnerable, low-wage restaurant workers of their rightful wages," said Carlos Matos, assistant director of the Wage and Hour Division's Boston District Office, which investigated the case.

In 2009, another Labor Department investigation showed the company owed $342,000 in back wages and penalties to 121 workers who were also either improperly deemed exempt or who were not paid enough for their extra hours.

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Their pizza sucks too.

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No way I am patronizing this business again.

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