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In a world where death lurks behind every corner

One man dared protect your children from FROZEN MEAT PATTIES.

Gin Dumcius reports that seems to be the gist of the mailer John Connolly just sent out:

In at-large race, Connolly sends out epic-looking mailer touting expired frozen food investigation. Mailer red and white front: "WARNING: Contents inside were not suitable for children. Until John Connolly Took Action"

Back in March:
Councilor: Schools kept buying meat even as frozen meat kept piling up in warehouse.


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And the work he does, but those ads are ridiculous.

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On balance, it seems like John is fighting the good fight, but the expired food thing did seem like a re-election stunt more than a real problem. The school lunch menus continue to improve and we have come a long way in terms of the healthy options available now.

The big issue that parents would like to see addressed is the whole BPS lottery and I don't see any candidate offering anything significant on that front.

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