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Thai food returns to Hyde Park

Or maybe it was there all along and I just didn't know about it - until I happened to be sorting the mail the other day and noticed a menu.

In any case, Hyde Parkians don't have to go all the way up to West Roxbury, JP or Norwood for Thai anymore - unless they want a large menu to choose from. The unassuming Asian Thai Eatery, 1084 River St., is really mainly a Chinese restaurant with a few Thai dishes thrown in - don't even think of stopping by if you want pad Thai or golden cups, for example.

Fortunately (for me, anyway), they do have chicken massaman curry - the dish by which I judge a Thai place. For about $10, you get a large container of the stuff (could feed two in a pinch) and a small rice (which actually costs extra). Nicely spiced, with tender chicken. The sauce was a bit more like a broth than sauce, but, eh, that's why rice was invented.

Although they have several tables (and a large-ish banquet room that looks more like a storage area), you'll probably want to get your food to go - the ambiance is more sub shop than place-to-linger.

Getting there: From Cleary Square, head down River Street toward Fairmount. Follow River to the left past the municipal building and it'll be a few blocks up on your right.

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Bancock Cafe in Roslindale is also pretty good and it has some atmosphere and an absurdly large menue. I haven't found any truely wonderful Thai places in Boston, however, so if anyone has recommendations...

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Oh, right.

Love the food, love the promotion of local artists; don't like the musty odor that always seems to be present when you first walk in, though.

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