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There's something to be said for Old Money

Pahkcah02 reads yesterday's Globe story about the Nouvelle rich holing up in their condo fortress at the Natick Mall so they don't have to worry about mixing with ghastly poor people and she yearns for the days of Old Money, because at least the Brahmins just shut up about their money and actually deigned to acknowledge that their lessers existed:

... I'm pretty proud of the fact that I live in one of the few area of the country that wasn't bombarded with exclusive gated communities during the recent housing boom. While I'm certainly in no position to tell other people how to spend their cash, opting out of a society that in your mind doesn't measure up shouldn't even be on the table. The Nouvelle at Natick is obviously hitting a specific demographic and for a diverse, inclusive community like Natick that should be a very alarming thing. A lot of these folks would be better off in a place where money truly does buy happiness (such as Miami) than holing up in over-priced condo bunkers that this area certainly doesn't need.

It's refreshing to see the Globe finally tackling the issues of everyday people.

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It is disturbing. I thought all of these people had been trapped inside of their mid-atlantic gated housing projects but apparently some snuck out and made their way to the HUB. I am thankful to General Growth Properties for re-imprisoning them far away from our cultural centers where their tackiness will be confined and monitored by door-men. I am also thankful to the town of Natick who has taken one for the team. Is gauche not a concept understood outside of New England? Can Menino please send up the Brahmin signal to have any lingerers properly looked down upon and driven to their new lair?

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New money gets rich too quick to have developed good taste as an adult, too late to have developed it as a child, and not rich enough to develop it now.

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"The DuGallys are among the suburban pioneers snatching up units in "Nouvelle at Natick,"... (their) $1.6 million, 2,200-square-foot penthouse overlooking JCPenney, the DuGallys said, suits the lifestyle they want for themselves and their Chihuahua, Jasmine."

Condos in Boston were just too exepnsive for the DuGallys, who spent $1.6 million on their mall condo.

...damn, that sucks!

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