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City quietly agrees to pay $1.4 million to prison guard who charged police officer choked him after fender bender

The Globe reports (subscription required) Boston has agreed to the settlement in the federal lawsuit by Michael O'Brien over a 2009 incident on Hanover Street, in which O'Brien charged he was left permanently brain injured by the way a Boston cop knocked him to the ground following a minor collision.

The settlement was filed in US District Court nearly a month ago - about a month after Boston Police fired the cop, David Williams, for his role in the North End incident and for lying about it. Williams had earlier been fired for his role in the infamous Michael Cox beating case, but he won his job back in an appeal.



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to be complete dicks. Are these guys dicks before they become cops or are they dicks because they become cops?!

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They just have no dicks to begin with so becoming a cop gives them one :)

(Sorry I had to say it...)

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