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Dapper O'Neil memorialized in West Roxbury

Dap and Curley

Proving I am not really a native, I'd wondered for years about the two guys in the mural on the side of the West Roxbury Pub. One was obviously a young Dapper O'Neil, but who was the other guy? The answer should have been obvious - it's an older James Michael Curley - especially since walls of the pub's dining room are covered in murals celebrating Curley's life.

In any case, proof that it's O'Neil and Curley comes in today's Herald, which prints the photo on which that part of the mural is based. What's interesting is that the mural's artist gave Curley a subtle smile that is clearly missing from the photo. Jay Fitzgerald discusses the photo and O'Neil's mixed legacy.

End of an era: Dapper O'Neil dies.



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The Dap had his hand on James Michael Curley's ass.

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