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Exactly wrong

Scot Lehigh gets it exactly wrong in the lead paragraph of his column today:

MOST CAMPAIGNS' [sic] are fought over issues. But this Democratic presidential campaign has been focused on something a good deal less concrete: professed governing styles.

He's right that the key factor is now governing style and the analysis that follows is sound, if not particularly insightful.

But, the reason it comes down to personality is, in part, because there's been an unprecedented focus on issues, particularly healthcare, energy, and Iraq. And, there just isn't much difference among the three major candidates -- Clinton, Edwards, and Obama. So, policy can't be a distinguishing factor.

There's a big difference between choosing among personalities because that's all the candidates have given you and choosing among personalities because their thorough discussion of issues has left little to distinguish them.

Lehigh does the candidates and his readers an injustice to suggest that the candidates have not focused on the issues. They have.



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Your observation reads like a letter to the editor, do you live in Brookline?

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Indeed, all three of the major Democratic candidates took the same position -- that the solution is for the government to run practically everything. All but one of the major Republican candidates also took this position, though with differences in style. At best, the question was which one would be least fanatical about it.

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