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Kidd brothers charged as Mattapan copper thieves

Boston Police report arresting brothers Adrian and Kenneth Kidd on charges they tried pilfering copper pipes from a derelict old building in Mattapan.

Police say that around 11 a.m. yesterday, officers on patrol noticed a guy coming out of a hole in a fence carrying a large plastic bag with pipes sticking out of it around 30 Regis Rd.:

Officers observed the suspect lean the bag against the rear of a grey motor vehicle that was parked in front of the fence. The car's trunk and driver side rear door were open. Officers observed in the opened trunk of the vehicle, several other large black trash bags.

At the same time, officers observed a second suspect carrying a large black trash bag and wearing work gloves.

One of the officers approached the suspects, who were now standing near the rear of the grey motor vehicle. The officer observed the second suspect place a black trash bag on the ground near the passenger side of the vehicle.

The officer inquired what the suspects were doing and the first suspect stated, “We were just getting some wire.” The second suspect stated to officer, "We were walking along the train tracks and we found these bags back there." Officer observed both suspects were sweating profusely and noticed their clothing was stained and dirty.

A quick search found still more bags filled with copper pipes in the rear of the property - where they found somebody had removed a panel for a boarded-up door.

Adrian Kidd, 20, and his older brother Kenneth, 33, both of Mattapan, were arrested on charges of breaking and entering in the daytime and possession of burglarious tools.

Innocent, etc.

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Adam, you missed the best typo I've ever seen in a BPD blog post!

"arrested for Breaking and Entering (Daytime) and Possession of Bulgarians Tools."

Carrying gaidas, zurnas, and banitsa forks in public sure is a heinous crime that must be stamped out.

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The brother's should've taken Rick's advice and gone back to Bulgaria.

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