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Sugar: Sweet and sour

Listed as Questionable declares the bramble cookies at Sugar on Centre Street in West Roxbury superior to the bramble cookies at the old Hanley's (which Sugar replaced):

... It might have been my initial delirium, but the jam-filled sugar cookies now seem a bit bigger and appear to have even more filling. Set the treadmill at 11.

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Meanwhile, Tammy reports on a bit of obnoxiousness by a Sugar employee last night - perhaps even outright racism against a couple of Asian men who just wanted to buy some cupcakes:

... Once she finally figured out what they wanted... she glanced at the young girl, rolled her eyes, made a face and walked away. These actions and her attitude had to be painfully obvious to these patient patrons who just wanted to buy two fricken cup cakes. Lighten up lady and quit being so damn rude! How about setting a good example for the young girls working the counter... watching how you behaved??? No wonder foreign visitors think we're such assholes! ...

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Just a clarification... Sugar has had Brambles since the day they opened... and the have always been awesome!

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That's what I guess for relying on Chowhound, I guess :-).

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