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The more you know: Chicken wire doesn't protect chickens from predators

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews the owner of four chickens ripped to shreds by some sort of canine last month. No names, since live chickens are illegal in Boston (they'd named one of the chickens Dr. Richard Kimball).

As part of its reporting, the Gazette talked to an area chicken expert, who said determined predators can break it or even squeeze through its holes.

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Chicken wire is meant to keep chickens in, not predators out (that's what coops and dogs are for)!

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, chickens are not illegal per se. The city plays a childish game of regs that read you need a permit for raising chickens, then refusing to issue the permits.

It is, as the expression goes, chicken shit.

They end up zoning almost every place as "forbidden use" for chickens. Why the devil. Grow up, guys.

Chickens without roosters live throughout the city. Boston should make them legit and oversee them. Bwak.

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The town of Dedham requires 1/4 acre for up to 4 chickens. So much for that idea.

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